Using MESH IoT Button with RICOH THETA to Create Remote Wireless Shutter



Here’s a Instructable for combining a RICOH THETA with a a MESH Button to build a remote wireless shutter button for a RICOH THETA.

Quick summary: The MESH button and other IoT sensors and devices are fun and educational. They are probably not cheap enough (around $40 each) to make this a low-cost DIY type project. But if you own a RICOH THETA and are looking for a way to start playing in IoT, this could be a great entry point.

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About MESH

MESH was originally an indiegogo project. It is a simple way to use a main app as a central hub to program and connect MESH blocks (IoT devices and sensors) to the internet.

According to TechCrunch, “The team behind Mesh notes on its Indiegogo campaign page that it is ‘a small team of passionate engineers at Sony’s seed acceleration program.’ Sony formed a new business unit focused on fast-tracking new projects that don’t fit the mould of its existing businesses.”

From the MESH Getting Started Section

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things, MESH is a go-to tool for tinkering, prototyping, building, and customizing devices. MESH IoT blocks are designed with everyone in mind, so you can skip the programming and circuitry with our visual coding app or hack away with our SDK.

Each IoT block is a wireless sensor or module with built-in functions to make it easy to prototype and build projects for the Internet of Things.

  • MESH IoT blocks:
  • MESH Button - a button
  • MESH Move - an accelerometer
  • MESH Motion - a motion sensor (infrared)
  • MESH Brightness - an ambient light sensor
  • MESH Temperature & Humidity - a temperature and humidity sensor
  • MESH LED - a LED indicator
  • MESH GPIO - a 10 pin, general purpose input/output

The MESH Smart Trigger Button is $39.99 on Amazon. Use discount code MAKERS00 to get 10% off.

Main Video:

Full Instructable:

Remote-Controlled 360-Degree RICOH THETA Camera With MESH Blocks

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