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1 Sec and green light flashing when using HDR on Theta andriod app - what does it mean?

Using HDR in the Theta app the Z1 will on occasion not shot but show a contact message “1 Sec” with the WIFI icon and GPS icon with an exclamation mark - see photo - what does it mean? Very annoying as it happens mid-flow on a job whilst using HDR via the theta iPad app.

Alson Z1 constantly loses WIFI - on the latest firmware.

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no photo attached.

You may have a deeper problem and you should contact customer support. If you are stuck, you can try and reset the camera by pressing and holding down the power and wi-fi buttons for 10 seconds.

If you’re using an Android device, put your phone into airplane mode, then only enable Wi-Fi. Make sure mobile data and bluetooth are off.

Turn off your battery saver on the Android device.

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Same issue when using Theta app on ipad pro - can happen after 6 shots or 10 shots, sporadic, hard boot and it can repeat even offer hard boot

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There may be different problems you are addressing. The warning light with the exclamation mark is usually for the internal compass.

See this video at 6:20 to recallibrate your internal compass.

There may be other problems with your camera as I’ve not seen it be stuck at 1 second before. If I were you, I would try the official customer support. If you can’t reach customer support, you can try resetting your settings by pressing the power button and Wi-Fi button down together for 10 seconds. I believe this will erase your settings, so only do it if you are prepared to set the configuration again.

If you have access to an Android phone, we have a developer app that we use for testing the Z1 that can delete all the internal settings.


This is only for if you are stuck and have exhausted the options available with official customer support. Please keep in mind that we don’t work for RICOH. This is just a bunch of active users of the RICOH THETA. Although the site does receive sponsorship from RICOH, we’re not a source of official support information. There may be something wrong with your camera.

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