Automobile Dealer Market Opportunities for RICOH THETA Developers


Very cool, that does looks like the viewer in the website. How did you find it? Just Googling or did you know about this viewer from before?


Thanks for sharing that information. I had looked at Photo Sphere Viewer by Jeremy Heleine a while back, but never used it. I’ve been using A-Frame and GoogleVR more due to the brand name. It looks like Photo Sphere Viewer has more options, including markers. The navbar looks nicely customizable.


Interestingly, I started looking for ways to implement what @codetricity had shared and came across that viewer


Very cool, thanks for sharing it (again)


@jcasman if @rictan builds something for auto dealers, is there any way we can give his project more promotion?

Should we make a pitch to get a booth at Digital Dealer 23 and fill it with RICOH partners? Not exclusive to Rictan, but maybe have an invitation to a few qualified RICOH partners, similar to how we worked with HoloBuilder at DeveloperWeek Hackathon in San Francisco.

Realistically, Ricoh would want to invite big partners like 3i Auto-Shot and SpinCar to the booth, but we could make a case that a smaller partner would contribute more community engagement.

We should look at these attendees

Other ideas

NADA2018, March 22-25


@jcasman it occurred to me that @Bob_White is close of Las Vegas. If we participate in a show in Las Vegas, maybe we can work with him to showcase Little Black Box?

I think we’d need to work with him to create a custom demo interface for automobile dealers. There’s a ton of car sites out there that we can use as reference and then try to improve upon what the current dealers have. I think we can use Bootstrap as the basis.

Here’s some templates

Here’s a wordpress template

Here’s a Car Dealer Magento template, which would get the project closer to a full system, not just a concept.

IMO, the easiest would be to use Bootstrap and just shoot for a simple mockup of the automobile marketing site. These are the features I’m thinking about:

  • focus on interior only as there are many system that show the exterior and we have not advantage in duplicating it
  • take 360 pictures from laptop application
  • arrange 3-5 shots for display
  • download from camera to laptop
  • ability to adjust pictures
  • push pictures to some type of server, possibly on same laptop for demo purposes
  • server has bootstrap template and pictures are automatically inserted


@jcasman just a reminder to look at UsedCarWeek, November 13-17 in La Quinta, CA and the NIADA Convention


Great, thank you, I’ll talk a look


here’s an example of using Photo Sphere Viewer on a gallery with multiple 360 images


I realize you’re showing examples of using the Photo Sphere Viewer, which I think works well, and I like the simple controls at the bottom of the image, but I also like just mousing over the numbers to jump to different images. That is pretty cool. :slight_smile:


mousing over the image to change is done with jQuery. I can also make it “click to change,” but I thought the mouse over worked better. In the automobile sites that I saw, the sphere also rotated automatically. I have it set to 1 rotation per minute. This is adjustable.

There’s also a time delay before the image starts to rotate. I have it set to 500ms.

For a web page, I think that Photo Sphere Viewer is better than A-Frame, which is made primarily for VR headsets.


Just noticed this 360° panorama showing off the interior of the e-tron Golf, Volkswagon’s all-electric car. It’s in the colors section, pick Interior, and look for the circle with “360°” on the left.

It’s unclear what kind of camera made this, or if it was even a 360° camera. I notice this one artifact for some sort of stitching on the roof.


nodal ninja DSLR fulframe


I did a view source and looked for information that way. How did you find this out?


We are driving French cars here other brands use to pick there promotion ideas from Citroën :smile:


You’re a true Renaissance Man, Svendus! Knowledge of so many fields! :slight_smile:


No sir the Volkswagen site are Flash with HTML5 option in a lot of frames so you docent get the code, we just asked SIRI in the electric car itself

what they docent know on VW are that Adobe Flash are dying and soon no browser can display it any longer
it Should be HTML5 with Flash fallback


You are very funny, Svendus! :3theta_s:


sorry @jcasman cant be serous


the reparation of the roof in the VW are called Blurred Cover