Can Ricoh Theta SC stream over USB?


Im trying to create a linux application, I was wondering if the Theta SC can stream the video output over USB just like the Theta S does?


The THETA SC can’t stream.

Are you streaming a dual-fisheye image to Linux and getting 150ms latency? Did you try and lower the resolution?


That was an error on my side. The Linux kernel is most likely only picking up 1280x720 @ 15fps MotionJPEG with UVC 1.1.

Unless you wrote your own driver, the THETA S is probably not showing up at 1920x1080 @ 30fps H.264 with UVC 1.5.

The reason is that there is no driver for Linux that supports UVC 1.5 effectively.

There is more information on the thread below.

Other people have reported latency similar to the the latency you have reported.

Right now, there are no reports of people using the plug-in technology in experiments to reduce latency. That may be an area to explore.


I’m very curious to see if the above commands can work with the commands below. The first command, RicNonStitching is the most interesting one.



The Plug-in API is for a THETA V and won’t work with a THETA S.

The H264 and UVC 1.5 is for Android. There are a few other projects for Android, including this one:

In this thread, I started to look into running Android on embedded devices:

As you already have the THETA S streaming with MotionJPEG to your embedded Linux device, is it usable for your project right now? Or, is the 150ms latency too much for your project?

If you put the dual-fisheye stream to a powerful workstation instead of the embedded device, do you get the same latency? I’m just wondering if upgrading the embedded device would reduce the latency. It’s possible that you’ll be stuck with the 150ms.