can't sign up to this forum unless I use google

Hi, I have been trying to sign up to this forum with my email. I think I tried about have a dozen times over the last two days but I never got a confirmation mail. I also tried a different email that is hosted by a entirely different provider, but to no avail.
I finally tried registerinng with my google account which worked, but I would much prefer using my business email. Could somebody look into this please?

And yes, I checked all spam folders but nothing at all arrivesd in 48 hours in both accounts I tried.


@Frank_Rueter Sorry for the problems logging in. It’s super helpful that you pointed out the issue here. Can you tell me the business email that you tried to use? (If preferred, you can DM me or email at

@jcasman, can you try and create a new account on this system with a new non-gmail email address?

The email is using gmail as the backend. It would need to be something on yahoo or other place.

We use MailGun

Why Do My Emails Go to Spam? – Mailgun Help Center

The first step is to test if you can create test accounts on this system from non-gmail accounts (including Google Suite accounts with custom domains).


likely OK as far as I can tell


We may need to configure something. You can try searching for DMARC problem Discourse.

Checking for widespread error

  • for June, 95% of emails were delivered with a 0.09% bounce rate. 88% open rate. 0% complaint (email abuse complaint)
  • tests with worked with new account info received
  • based on this discussion about our forum software, it’s possible that we may be able to configure the sender domain slightly differently. However, there is no solution on that thread.

Thanks @jcasman , I have sent an email.

thanks for helping out @craig !

@jcasman you can create the account for him manually and send him an email from your work email to let him know that he can log in. It’s unlikely that the system email will reach his work email at the moment as we have not been able to isolate the problem.

Sorry for the radio silence. Did you ever send anything? I am still logging in with my gmail which is ok I guess if this is a trickier issue.