Convert the footage to Equirectangular?


@jcasman and I have meetings with the RICOH product manager in charge of the THETA from time to time. We could create a shared document or poll to provide feedback. Here are the challenges:

  • we need a way to prioritize or summarize a broad set of feedback. (my current idea is to run a poll)
  • neither @jcasman nor I are experts in video or photography. For example, in this case, I don’t completely understand downsampling and kbit/s rates.
  • we have limited communication with RICOH engineers and it’s usually around an event such as a hackathon where they want help preparing a demo.

The good parts:

  • we talk to the THETA product manager at least twice a month
  • the product manager is open to getting summary information of feature requests and summary feedback from us. He can read English with no problem
  • RICOH is assessing a more formalized THETA developer partner program with clearer benefits and process to participate. As part of the program, there may be a way to release more specs under NDA that third-party developers need to develop more software and accessories for the THETA. @jcasman and I are helping with the planning for the partner program
  • The camera is selling well and there are more resources being put into the camera specifications and the software

Here’s the poll discussion topic. Please add your request to the thread. We will share the features with the product marketing engineering manager for the THETA. He is in contact with the entire product group.


Hi The Video cannot be converted avermedia is it a THETA S Video ?


Hello, I can not convert this file, can you help me? I recorded with avermedia.


thanks Ivano


I can’t convert it. How did you get the video file from the camera to the Mac? Did you mount the camera as a USB drive? Hold the shutter button plus WiFi button when you plug the USB cable in. The camera will remain off. Once it’s connected, then drag the video file to your computer. Do not use automatic import with something like iPhoto.

I don’t have a Mac, but this what I read online. For example, see this community video


I’m sorry, I did not explain, I connected the theta with hdmi to avermedia Live Gamer Portable (LGP), I recorded files to MP4 (the one I have attached) when the step-theta app goes wrong.
I use to record more of the theta memory, I thought it would work.
Thank you


If you’re using the HDMI output the the THETA as input to another device, it will probably not work. Sorry, this is a common hope, but I do not know of anyone that has got it to work. There is some additional metadata when the video file is saved on the THETA that is not in the stream. I do not know what this data is, but someone from the community told me he thought it dealt with camera orientation.

The only way to do live streaming with good stitching is with UVC blender and you’re limited to a lower resolution.

If you’re running into a problem with the length of the video, you might be able to replace the SD card.


Thanks for your help, for the SD return I fear of affecting Theta, I will try to do it in another way.
Thanks and bye.


Hello, sorry one last question (for now :wink: ) the Theta stops after about 30 min. registration, as you can remove the timeout (easily) I read in the post but I did not understand, I’m not a programmer, sorry,
hello Ivano


There are two API commands, the offDelay and the sleepDelay

I’m suspect there’s some app that you can use to set it.

I looked at the official app and did a web search, but I couldn’t immediately find an app to do this. @jcasman or @tyler.edell do either of you know of an app that can do this? If not, I’ll make a screencast video of how to do it using DHC


Just a quick clarification @ivanovoghera - The idea is to keep the RICOH THETA recording beyond 30 minutes? When you say the THETA stops, what do you mean? Why does it stop?


@jcasman I thought he meant that the THETA powers off after 30 minutes when he’s taking time lapse photography. However, now that you ask your question, I could be wrong.

I’ve had to set both the offDelay and sleepDelay on my camera for time lapse, but I’m using the API, not some type of app.

It’s a good question as to why he wants to change the offDelay and sleepDelay. There might be a different solution. In the meantime, I’m making a screencast video as a test.


Yes, I re-read the whole thread to be sure. If @ivanovoghera is running out of memory space for the video, I can’t help with that. If it’s overheating, that’s bad, but I don’t think it would stop recording. If he’s live streaming and recording on a desktop, it should be able to continue beyond 30 minutes, I would think. So, just looking to clarify the question.


@jcasman, I was referring to this question about the timeout. I don’t think it’s related to overheating.

I think that the camera will timeout after 15 or 20 minutes with the default value.

Try turning it on and putting it on your desk for 30 minutes, doesn’t it turn off automatically? There’s got to be an easy way to change that power off setting.



Standby time (sec.) until the power automatically turns OFF.

The current setting can be acquired by camera.getOptions, and it can be changed by camera.setOptions.

Support value
Over 30, less than 1800, 65535 (no power off)


Testing on the desktop now to see how long it goes before power automatically turns off. Currently 10 minutes and counting.


thank you all , I did other tests , streaming on pc until it times out , it stops recording either with battery with power supply , the file it generates is 2.9gb and is not hot Theta , does not go out , it locks the recording. thank you all for the help .
hello Ivano


Great to hear that you got it working!


Sorry @codetricity and @jcasman , I do not understand,
I edited these sets:

{"name": "camera.setOptions",
    "sessionId": "SID_0001",
    "options": {
		"offDelay": 65535

{"name": "camera.setOptions",
    "sessionId": "SID_0001",
    "options": {
		"sleepDelay": 65535

Yet it continues to stop recording after 30 min. now 25,02 min It is not possible!!!
What is that wrong? the battery is OK, the temperature is normal. Help me;-)
I have to be able to make a recording of at least one hour, the APP tells me I have 2.30 hours to spare.

File generated .mp4
25:02 min
1280 × 720
1,134,622,011 bytes
the internal memory was empty at the start of the recording

I do not know what to do, it takes more than one hour stream is now only the internal recording.
thank you all


Just to confirm, are you saving a video file to the internal memory of the camera?

If so, the camera specifications limit the continuous shooting to 25 minutes at 30fps with the video file saved to the camera

I thought that the problem you were encountering was that the camera would shut off after 30 minutes of a live stream to YouTube.

Do you need one continuous video file? Or, can you take a series of 25 minute clips? You can use the API to start, stop, and download the video file to a computer automatically. There would be a gap of about a minute between clips.


Hello, you confirm, log in memory of the Theta, the problem that I can not access the room (it’s a play on stage) and since I have to charge the Theta with usb I can not connect to the wifi, I guess I have to give up, because sin it was a good solution.

In addition the maximum length of the USB cable is 2 mt, well it does not work.

thanks to all aid.


If you plug the THETA into an external wall charger or USB battery pack, you can connect to WiFi. The WiFi is only disabled when you plug the THETA into your computer. :theta: