Disable RICOH THETA V power off



Hi is it possible to disable power off with the THETA V in the same way as the THETA S? If not is there something with the hardware why this is not allowed?


Alternatively is there a way to run scheduled shutdown and startup?


Yes, you can disable sleep and shutdown.



You can disable sleep and shutdown. Or, you can specify a time period up to 65534 seconds for sleep or 2592000 seconds for power off.


Thank you codetricity.

Those APIs seem to only work on the S and not the V though. The camera’s are shutting down after 30 days. Have you had this working on the V yourself?


@davechambers, I have not tried this myself. Can you post your settings and your tests? I can ask @jcasman to include this information with a report that he’ll send to the THETA product manager.

Please also include the application situation that you’re using the THETA in for extended periods of time. If you don’t want to post this publicly due to work-related confidentiality issues, feel free to send me a PM.