Does Theta V now automatically correct Zenith?

Hello, I saw that now (at least, in firmware 3.10) my Theta V seems to automatically correct Zenith orientation in camera - can anyone confirm?

I tried to take shots with camera in different orientations (e.g. upside down, or laying on one side) and always got shots with correct Zenith orientation and with Pitch and Roll EXIF tags resetted to zero (regardless if I downloaded the picture from smartphone app or from laptop).

Does anyone know if this feature can be temporarily disabled?

There’s a way to do it in the API from v3.00.1 and later.

I’m not sure if the mobile app can do it.

@iantresman wrote an article about using the web API without programming.

I have not used any of these types of “task” apps, but it might be worth explorer if the RICOH THETA official mobile app doesn’t support the parameter you want to change.

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Great info, thanks! I’ll give a try.

About the first question: can you please confirm that the correction is enabled by default in recent Theta V firmwares?