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Feature Requests (Nov 2016 POLL)

see version 1.42 to set timers

None of those features in your list interest me. Not one of them would make me upgrade to a newer Theta camera.

  • An auto exposure mode where I can set the white balance. When timelapsing dawn and dusk I use auto so it can cope with the transition in light but at a certain point (as with all other cameras) it flickers between the various WB settings
  • To configure the video button to other functions like on other Ricoh cameras. I don’t use video so would like to be able to toggle it to HDR, timer, shutter sound, etc.
  • HDR to have the option to save the over/under exposed files separately
  • To configure the wifi to switch itself off once interval shooting has started
  • The limiter in interval shooting to have a higher limit. 200 is way too few shots as it only makes 8s of timelapse @25 fps. I want to leave the camera shooting and not have the battery drained or the card full when I can estimate how long I want it shooting for.

May be a odd desire,
But a soft flat USB cable with the ferrite filter in the USB2 B end of the cable would be nice
May be a 90 degree solution in the Micro USB end of the cable (docent know) ?
Today’s cable are actuarily a bit stiff, and the THETA often disconnect when turning the camera on streaming HD.

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One thing not listed is a metal tripod receptacle. A strong wind knocked my camera over (it was being supported on a tripod with legs close together) and the plastic receptacle cracked. I’ve asked on forums for advice about service and have not received any responses. A metal receptacle would have prevented this issue. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to have had this sort of mishap.

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Adding 2 possible features (4k resolution and memory slot) from an email I got from a heavy user:

Any ideas when we can see a new pro camera. We work with clients who are going for 4K resolution and we would like to support there needs as well. Also as I build interactive mobile VR Apps for Cardboard and GearVR only the picture quality is good enough as in VR everything is magnified as you know.

I defiantly would prefer an optional or just memory slot like the Gear 360 has. Ideally also recording 4K videos to the available length of the SD Card. You know I am heavy user :wink:

What’s missing is supporting pre-stitched images (as today) but writing them as ‘raw’ full-range (30 bit?), uncompressed and ‘un-denoised’ DNG files instead of 24 bit JPEGs.
This would allow to get maximum quality from the image data by using a raw converter such as Lightroom.
A high dynamic range is important for any kind of photography but especially for 360°, because here the subject is often covering both dark shadows and bright highlights as the light sources are almost every time part of the image.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. I am not a good or even avid photographer, so my questions may be a bit simplistic.

Is this a limit of the storage capacity of the camera or of an application that you’re using? When I take timelapse, I move the pictures off the camera with USB, so I’m not familiar with the limitations of the applications.

Are you setting timelapse and leaving the camera on a tripod with no WiFi and no USB connection?

Are these white balance settings disabled in auto exposure mode?

Or, are they not configurable from the mobile app?

I think I understand the three other requests.


Thanks for the extra information on what the RAW image is needed for. It’s now clear from your explanation that there’s some quality loss when the image is converted to 24bit JPEG. Jesse and I didn’t realize this before.

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The 4k video (saved to file) resolution and the MicroSD memory card wasn’t on the poll before??

Did you try and contacting the shop where you bought the camera from? There could be a discount on repair.

Say I’m timelapsing a sunset. I’ll know it’s pitch-dark 2 hours after I start shooting. A quick calculation says that’s 480 shots with a 15s interval.
I only need 480 shots but can only set the limiter to a maximum of 200 which would give me an interval time of 36s and be too infrequent.

Yes I leave the camera on a tripod with no WiFi or USB. I carry my Theta with me everywhere but I don’t always carry my laptop.

Not configurable from the mobile app while in Auto Mode. It is possible via any of the manual settings but I want it to choose the optimal shutter speed and ISO.
The only setting via the app in Auto is EV compensation. Interesting to see the’re available via the API.
As to how this could be implemented, maybe in manual mode you could have Shutter speed, ISO and WB have auto as an option in addition to being able to set fixed values.

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THETA Delta roumor

Cool. Did you make that video or did you see it on a site? Nice concept.

Homemade in Sweden, it made a small brainstorm on Facebook

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Peter T
Windows 10 tablet and phone app

Jérémie P. One model :theta_s: on

NOTE: 3D do not run on the newest Firefox it runs on CHROME and EDGE with commentary from Google :slight_smile:

There have been Discussions on Facebook Theta groups
about stitching errors on panoramas with more than two circular images :slight_smile:
Check this Example Panorama, winter 2016-12-02
I only find a little on the N image up

I think a 4-8 K Theta should have 3-4 maybe 5 lenses
to perform High Quality Video and Equirectangular Panorama without Chromatic Aberration.

I think Is time for higher Resolution! Facebook and Google Maps Supports 50 Megapixel to day
and YouTube displays 8K 4320p = 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels)

Do 4K 4096x2160 = 2160p Display 360 video with good Quality or must we go for 8K

4K Ultra HD Playlist (3840x2160 only)

Ok, we’re closing the November poll. We will be presenting this info and your comments to the RICOH THETA product manager. We really appreciate the input and effort. Thank you.