Free Z1 Stitcher and DNG Transfer Beta Available for iOS

From Yoichi Hirota

Z1 Stitcher

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Z1 DNG Transfer for iOS


For Android

THETA Z1 Stitcher for Android

THETA Z1 DNG Transfer

Stitcher for Android Demo

Hi, is it possible to be accepted to test this app? I cannot find a way to import RAW dng to iPad Pro

I’m not sure if @hirota41 updated it for iOS.

There’s information for Android here:

I’m not sure if this is still in beta or not? But can’t access without code? I’m wondering if I can ‘hardwire’ USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Apple lightning from Z1 to iPadOS. I don’t use android🤷‍♂️

So, with iPadOS I can Batch import RAW dual fisheye Images directly into LightRoom from the camera using USB-C to USB-C cable. But… I still can’t find any way to stitch the dual fisheye image. Now that RAW can be input to IPad directly from the Z1 and exports RAW in ‘DFE’, perhaps Ricoh might update the iOS app to be able to stitch this format and offer the opportunity to import from the files app? Otherwise, the only way I can see, that will allow me a total mobile workflow is to buy a Samsung Galaxy or similar to allow me access to Yochi’s stitching software, it’s exactly what I need…

I just got this response from Ichi Hirota today.

Hello Craig,
The ios beta expired and it’s not available at this moment. Since the plugin is now done, I’ll come back and work to release it.


Thanks for the update. I added an android tablet to my arsenal of mobile devices, I needed it for street view also, as that doesn’t function correctly on iOS. I have the app and it’s performing perfectly👍