Getting Acceleromete data from Theta Z1 recorded video


1- Is it possible to get acceleration and gyroscopic data from Theta Z1 recorded videos? If so can someone please refer me to some useful links.

2-Secondly i used exiftool in linux to show me meta data of a video which says Accelerometer:354.78 -34.51 . but i am not able to make sense of this reading for a video what does this actually mean.

Thanks in advance

To simplify if i can get a log of accelerometer and gyroscope at intervals from my video i can use that data.

The location of the track for the gyroscope and accelerometer data is not published and we do not know how to extract it. If this is for a large-scale deployment of potentially many RICOH THETA cameras, we can ask people we know at RICOH if there is way to get more information.

If you use a plug-in, you can access the data on your own and save it into a separate file and then combine it with the video in your own format.