HDR plugin to automatically create EXR file. For VFX use

Hi aford,

no developer mode is not needed.
step 1:
turn on camera, hold the mode button on the side for 2 sec, now it will ask on the display if you want to start the authydra plugin, (assuming you have download and installed it on the device) press the shutter (the big one in the middle to make pictures :wink: ) to start the app.
step 2:
connect to the wifi of the z1, it should be something like THETAYN#########.OSC where the ###### is the serial of your z1. (and also the password of the z1’s wifi)
Once connected the wifi symbol on the camera should stop blinking.
step 3:
now naviagate to the website and you should be in the webinterface, it should look a bit like this:

now you should be able to take pictures.

Keep in mind that the current version on the store is still very buggy with the z1. I’m working on fixing this but the bigger resoluation of the pictures arew eating all the memory so a lot more of memory management is neede to keep it running. Best for now to always set the denoise to 1 pictures.

Let me know if it works!

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Hi lezone,

some answers below:
-If you are taking RAW it would be nice to have them downloadable rather than the JPGS.
yes ofcourse. that is absolutly the plan. Right now I’m still struggeling to get the raw fiels working. Not much stuff on it out there.

-I’d like to be able to set the white point rather than have it set it itself. Often we want to set it to match what the DP is using for the shots or we may want to lock it to daylight or tungsten.
somehow setting the whitepoint from the API is not working. I played around quite a bit with it but in the end didn’t get it to work. The whitepoint set by default is okey. Once all the other stuff is fixed I will look into it again.

-I’d also like to set a center exposure offset. For example, since we are shooting for HDR, we would like to favor detail in the brights by making the center 2 stops under.
hmm interesting, if you shoot your HDR in the right way this shouldn’t be necessary. It should contain the whole dynamice range of the scene. On the app you can set quite a few steps and also you can set the number of stop jumps between brackets. My experience is that on the theta you can easily cover the whole dynamic range. Often you have 2 pics that are fully white. black is a bit harder as the with the lowest iso, shortest shutter it often still contains very bright parts (like the sun).
Do you use this feature often on set? How many exposure do you usually take on your old setup?

-Is there some way to store your setting for the capture? At the moment it’s a bit of a pain as it is to have to change the mode and connect to Wifi every time (which I realize is probably hard to get around). Adding to that the need to do your chosen bracket every time really slows things down. Can it write it to the Z1 Plugin in any way? That way you could take the HDRI without connecting to a laptop or phone to make those setting changes each time.
yes good point error454 and I where discussing this. I’ve added a feature to save your default settings. It will be in the next update.

-What is the color space of the resulting EXR? Looks like sRGB. Is this because of it being made from JPGs? It should probably be linear.
it is sRGB. haven’t really looked into it. It is just the way it comes out of the opencv functions. guess is has to do with what you put into it (which is sRGB in this case). I’ll added it to the list!

Thanx for the feedback!! keep it coming. Hope it is usefull!


Hi Error454,

yes got it to work! By copying and renaming the temp file and can now save away the dng files.

Unfortunately these are all not stiched… So I will look into stiching them with open cv, I think the hdr merge doesn’t like the none stiched pictures.

But either way the raw can be saved could be usefull for offline processing.

thanx for the help!


Hi Kasper.

Thanks for the very clear instructions.

My issues seems to be that I can’t connect to the website

I get the message ‘Safari cannot open the page because it cannot connect to the server’ . I have tried it with Chrome & Firefox, the Theta is switched on has WiFi, your app is installed, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I am able to fire the Theta off manually using Authydra but the files I see in Image Cature on my Mac are just a lot of jpegs no exr.

I think it would work if I could see the website interface but just not having any luck connecting to it even though the phone or computer is connected to the Theta.

I am trying to do this on a Mac and iphone, is it that it is only supported on Android?

Thanks again.

Hi Kasper,

This plugin sounds amazing! Thank you for all the work you have done.

I noticed in your last post you are in the process of getting the dngs working with Authydra for the Theta Z1. I am about to purchase a Z1 myself for VFX on set work at the end of the month and so was wondering when you might be posting a new version to the plug-in store?

My usage will be for speed, turning off the HDR merge, with offline processing later. I would be very interested in an update for saving unprocessed dng.
I am also very interested in the save default settings update.

Thanks again!


Hi Kasper,

I received my Z1 and have run a few tests. I understand you are working on Z1 bugs, DNG etc, thought it might help if I shared some of my findings (for you and for users).
I am using my Theta Z1, firmware version 1.20.1, file format: JPG (DNG turned off as I know you’re working on this), sleep timer: 10mins, tested using interface on iPhone X and MacBook Pro (both worked for capturing and download).

  1. Downloaded and installed the plug-in, but the interface doesn’t show the “Merge HDR” check box to turn off processing. Attached is a screen shot of what I’m seeing. Do you know why my interface is not showing it? I’d love that option.

  2. Tested with these settings: Brackets: 5, 7 and 9, Denoise: 1, stops jumps: 2.0.
    With 5 brackets it all worked great, 7 brackets sometimes it worked, sometimes it crashed/interface lost connection, 9 brackets always crashed/interface lost connection. From above it sounds like this is a file size/resolution issue.
    *To fix after operation crash/connection lost, just restart the Theta Z, and redo (with lower number of brackets)

  3. A quick user tip as I noticed above people having issues with connecting via wifi. When plugged in to USB, the wifi signal is off. Make sure the Theta is not plugged in when trying to connect via wifi.

  4. Another easy user tip. I was using image capture on my Mac to transfer files. However, I started to have an issue. I captured a successful HDR and when I plugged the Theta in to my computer, Image capture said the files were corrupted. So, I instead connected to the Theta’s wifi with my laptop, opened the Authydra web interface on my laptop;, and downloaded using the Authydra “manage files” page of the web interface. Much easier and it preserved the folders (which image capture doesn’t do).

After looking at the resulting images, here are my ideals for Authydra for on-set VFX work:
a) download unprocessed, bracketted DNG image sequence, in their raw, 180º fisheye form
b) option to change shooting order of the brackets ie -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, rather than 0, +1, -1, +2, -2.
c) default settings, so that you can activate the plugin and just press the big button (added this one for a complete list, I know you’re working on it). :wink:

Again, I wanted to say thank you and say how great your plugin is, I have even more appreciation for it now that I have played with the Z1 and tested it. The Theta app’s Multi bracket shooting method is cumbersome and slow to set up. Whereas Authydra sets that all up automatically, Awesome!
It was simple for me to get working, I love the interface and icon. The ability to watch the capturing/processing is excellent and the “you may now move the camera” message is the cherry on top.

Thanks again and looking forward to the next version! :slight_smile:

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I am assisting Kasper with submission of Authydra to the store. As Kasper is generously making both the plug-in and the source code available to our community of users, I am asking for volunteer help in creating images to market Authydra on the plug-in store and possibly social media.

If you submit an image and Kasper decides to use it for the store, the image will be under the Apache Public License. You’re giving the image to the project, which Kasper controls.

The THETA Plug-in store can house up to 5 PNG images. The images need to be in of size 960x520

I currently have 2 images and am checking to see if anyone wants to submit any other images for Kasper to consider.

The images need to be of size 960x520 and can serve one of two purposes:

  1. explanation of how to use Authydra to help other users
  2. marketing of Authydra on the plug-in site and possibly social media.

The two images we have now are below.

Image 1

Image 2

Will this plugin work with the new SC2? Thanks!

I don’t think the THETA SC2 supports plug-ins.

Hi, guest.
@codetricity Craig san is quite correct. It’s NOT an Android device like as V and Z1.


Authydra 2.1.0 now in the store!

What’s New

added support for z1

  • Rewrite of HDR merge to support little memory. Now it works on z1.
  • Up to 15 brackets
  • Saves DNG files (doesn’t use them in merge)
  • Option to turn of HDR merge

Know issues:

  • black hole sun error, very bright areas can be dark in final EXR
  • shutter sound running out of sync

Thanks @Kasper for this great contribution to the THETA community. :slight_smile: :sparkler::thetadev:


Just got a Z1 today, first thing I did was test this out with Blender. Awesome work! This app will make life so much easier, thank you.


Thanks for your post and congratulations on using your new Z1 with Blender.

I’m trying to get better screenshots of examples of use for the sites below. If you want to contribute any screenshots to help out @Kasper and the community, please post.


Absolutely! I’d be happy to help support in any way possible.


Really nice plugin! It exactly serves the purpose i bought the z1 for.
Thanks for developing this!

Some issues i encountered which i dont know if anybody else experienced:

  • one cycle of hdr creation with 9 stops and 3 denoise steps uses almost 10% of the battery
  • i just cant connect to on my android phone. My ipad connects without problems.

Curious if anybody else experiences this

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Just fab. Thank you!

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Hello, error454

I recently took the first pictures on Z1, the plugin gives the best quality among all tried (not only standard) methods, so I would like to use it in the future. But the quality of stitching fails, I spent many hours in Photoshop to eliminate the effects of automatic stitching.
Here example:

I see that you have added a solution to this problem here:

But the fact is that I am not a programmer and cannot compile the code into a ready-made program for installation on the camera. So, please, could you uncomment this section of the code and post a link to the finished plugin so that I can install it on my camera?

Dear Craig,

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude and say that the photo as a result of the plugin is pleasantly amazing in its quality!

Please tell me, how can I disable automatic hemisphere stitching in the plugin? Automatic stitching often gives errors in the stitching line. Correcting stitching errors takes a lot of time in Photoshop.

Hi Artyom,

I’ve uploaded a new version to github which has the option to turn the stiching on and off in the webinterface. If you are a developer you can install the new apk on your device. (To become a developer you can follow one of the turotials on this community it’s not that hard.)

Else I will try to publish a new version to the store soon but I need a bit more time to finish some stuff and then Craig en Jesse have to push it to the theta store which usually tkaes about two weeks. So in total it will take some more time before it well be there.

The apk can be found here: https://github.com/iamagod/Authydra/tree/master/app/build/outputs/apk/debug



@Kasper Great to see that you’re still improving the Authydra plug-in! And, yes, happy to help if/when you want to push the next version up to the Plug-in Store!