HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With "UVC 4K" Driver For Windows 10



I ran the test with a direct USB cable, longer than 1 foot, but without an extension. It’s about 3 feet long. I tested it indoors in a room with air-conditioning.

From reading the documentation, it should not turn off if it does not sleep, so the sleepDelay is probably enough.

Can you test it without the extension cable first to rule out that possibility.

I have my camera plugged into a USB 3.0 port, which supplies a bit more power.


Overheating is confirmed on my Theta V. I have just placed it in the direct flow of my Air conditioner and it has worked like a champ for almost 3 hours. I am going to try and figure out where the break point is when I can control the room temperature a bit better. But 85 degrees is definitely a problem.


Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the heat.

Under certain conditions, the THETA S would also overheat. There are several hacks to try and alleviate the problem. One possible solution is to take a standard household fan and blow it at the camera. Another is to make a fan holder like this:

People have used Raspberry Pi heat sinks on the body of the THETA S.

This heatsink kit is $6.79 and attaches with sticky tape supplied with the heat sink.

It’s also possible that a future firmware upgrade will make the streaming slightly more efficient and help with the heating problem.

Although not ideal, maybe the external heat sinks with an external fan might help.


Hello.I have only a Theta-s. Do you konw the best quality of Theta-s Live Streaming with proper driver?Can it achieve 2K(1920*1080).?Thank you for your answer.


See this for the THETA S

1920x1080 @ 30fps with THETA UVC FullHD Blender which is free software you can download.


Sorry to bother you again.Thanx for your reply some time ago.In Overview, I saw words next:
“HDMI Live Streaming Specifications (RICOH THETA S only)
Dual-Fisheye data in uncompressed YCbCr format is output.
Image size: 1920x1080 / 1280x720 / 720x480
Frame rate: 30fps”
Do you know how to get a video in the form of uncompressed YCbCr(yuv)?I searched for long time but get nowhere.Maybe i must use APi/SDK?If you have some advice ,please share with me . I know it may be not easy,anyway。


Sorry, I don’t know much about this type of video technology or equipment. I’m more of a novice with video standards. The information you’re referring to is here:

I don’t have any experience with cards like the Blackmagic Intensity, but I was assuming that you could use those cards to get HDMI video into your computer. I actually don’t know the difference between YCbCr and 4:2:2 YUV myself. I do know that people are using different types of HDMI cards to get the HDMI video into computers, but I don’t know about the technical specifications. The HDMI video is usually popular for people that want to use something like the Teradek VidiU or the Cerevo LiveShell to stream video to something like YouTube without a computer.

Happy to continue the discussion, but just keep in mind that I have limited knowledge of the external HDMI video equipment, so what I mention may not be technically correct.

Maybe someone else can help out here?


Hi guys !
I’m trying to launch a facebook live with a ricoh theta v and Mac OS El Capitan, but my laptop is not reconizing the camera. Anyone can help ?


Did you see this article?

Are you using OBS?


Yes I do but OBS doesn’t recognize ricoh theta v


Does the THETA V work as a webcam in QuickTime?

You have the THETA V in live mode, right?

Are you plugging it into a standard USB port on your Mac, or are you using a USB adapter? I’ve seen some problems with different USB adapters on the Mac. Make sure the connection between the Mac on the THETA V is working by using QuickTime first. If it works in QuickTime, you can move to OBS.


@codetricity Could you please DM me a link to the beta driver for THETA UVC 4K? Thanks, I really appreciate it.


Sent by email and DM. It’s now publicly available from the Ricoh site as well.


my laptop is i7 7700HG ram8GB nvidia 1050
run with theta v uvc 4k driver with obs is very hight CPU load 100% i can not stream.

i try theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) with MPC-HC to preview is low cpu use 20%.

i need theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) use with OBS for low cpu use.

But i have some problem with theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) not support in obs , no any video .
in this topic new driver theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) support in obs

i need theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) for obs (new version).
Please anyone sent new theta v driver (not uvc 4k ) .
my email is

thank you.


The screenshot you posted is from a Mac. The THETA V driver only works on OBS with a Mac.

If you want to use the THETA V driver on Windows 10, you need to use Media Player Classic, not OBS.


Read this post.


Hi codetricity,
Just wondering if the UVC 4K driver is one of the UVC 1.5 category and can we modify it under .net environment?
I have a task using Theta V and push image from theta to other app automatically.
Thanks again for you posting


The UVC 4K driver for the THETA V is compliant with UVC 1.5. However, I do not think it supports the entire UVC 1.5 specification.

I do not know about control under the .NET environment.

A community member is using Windows 10 with direct show to get the modes and KS_H264VIDEOINFO for debugging.

The community does not have a lot of information on this, so you would be forging new ground.

If you’re just trying to push an email, can you using the normal WiFi API or the USB API?


Thank you very much, since it can stream using OBS in Windows so it should work in .net environment. Will look some more .
Thank you again


After going thru the thread, I realize the reason I don’t get stream on my pc is because my windows version is too old (Win7 build 7601)
Thanks for everyone’s post I know win 10 version 1703 will have the driver built in
but is there a way to install the driver separately but still in my old win7 version?
Many thanks!


I don’t think it will work with Windows 7. You could try the 32 bit version of the Windows 10 driver.