HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With "UVC 4K" Driver For Windows 10



@Brian_Gilmour Why did you decide to use 360 for IT training classrooms? Why not use a regular camera setup?


Just guessing, but maybe group discussion or references to equipment around the room.


Hi @codetricity Can you please share the links with me? I need 4K UVC for Windows. Thanks!


Exactly this. Currently it is mostly for proof of concept, but eventually we are hoping to have networking equipment (routers, switches etc) that viewers can interact with using controllers such as that provided with the Google Daydream.
We are also looking into AR, allowing us to highlight cabling behind walls and such like.
We have been running remote classes for the past 6 years and this was just a look ahead at how we can use emerging technology to allow remote students to better interact.


@bunver just sent the link to the driver by DM.

  • streaming audio not working from the camera. make sure you use a separate microphone connected to your computer or the laptop microphone
  • upstream bandwidth for 4K live stream reported to be around 10Mbps
  • video streaming appears to be stable with ability to stream for many hours

If you have any time, would be great to get your test report, especially if you test it on Facebook versus YouTube or something like that.


Wonderful use and very innovative. It’s people like you that will help push the next phase of online education ahead. Honestly, we’re right at the cusp of what’s possible. Every little experiment helps makes the vision into reality.

Ideally, a group of like-minded people will start to solve different parts of the problem. For example, the construction industry currently uses still 360 images to show different states of construction. For example StructionSite’s CEO @_mattdaly was explaining a feature they call X-Ray where a person can see older images of the construction process. What this allows is the ability to see the stages of construction before the walls were put in.

It’s unrelated in some ways, but related in some ways.

I’m also building some tutorials to live stream a THETA V into Unity and add objects like house plants. I’m currently have problems with Unity and Windows 10 and the THETA V, but will solve it in time. This example with the THETA S.

There’s a lot of ideas out there now. It’s awesome when a guy like you just does it at a table at an industry show. Taking the leap with whatever is available. That’s how we all advance.


@Brian_Gilmour if there is anything our team can do to help let me know. We don’t have any experience in doing the live streaming yet, but the project your working on looks really amazing. Nice work!


Matt, do you know if there’s a lot of training for people in the construction industry. I’m wondering if people are doing Ethernet cabling for example, if there’s training on how to configure the cabling in the walls.

I imagine that other equipment would require training too. Although @Brian_Gilmour is specialized in IT training, maybe he could expand it out to other industries over time if he had a good way to deliver training. Using something like 360 might give him a way into a new industry, especially if there was a package that included headset rental for the students.


Yeah I think the training aspect is part of every single building during handover from construction to the facility manager. I am not terribly familiar with this process but have many customers who could speak to it in more detail. Basically the equipment that’s installed during construction comes with manuals and training videos, which could also include a training on how to understand what is behind the walls and access that information for retrofit and renovation work.


Please i need UVC 4K Driver just got theta V and realized that it did not work on the same system and principle as the THETA S version, i need to go LIVE in 360 that’s the main reason why I bought the camera.


Just sent the link to the driver. Make sure you test it before your event. You need to run the sound through your laptop microphone. The sound on the beta driver does not work from the camera. Make sure the camera has a decent charge before you start your event.


Seems like an opportunity for new school 360 video specialists to introduce the construction industry to new techniques, probably starting with very specific training scenarios, like the inside of a room with a lot of equipment. I imagine that initially it would be used only for a small portion of the training.

Ricoh has a demo of Multi-Imaging Technology which could be used for construction training, starting with still 360 images combined with still images and standard video.


Love that demo video! There is no question this can play a role in what we are building out for the future as far as training on equipment that goes into a building. Thanks for sharing Craig


The main idea is embed high-resolution images into the view of 360 sphere. That is a slick demo by Ricoh, but you can do similar things cheaply with a normal camera and your own software or inexpensive software like pano2vr or krpano.

See this.

StructionSite might be able to use the same technique with your own app for shots that require more detail.

There’s really so much potential with 360 images right now that there’s no shortage of million dollar ideas. Just have to build um. :wink:

Would love to see you guys hit the jackpot with software to help construction builders. :moneybag:

I knew Matt Daly before he became a billionaire.


YES, that video embed is really nice. That is definitely in line with what we’d be looking to do for the training process since the normal video quality will be cleaner


…and billionaire…HA, right


It will come. The market is huge and your team is off to a great start. Dream big when the frontier is young and anything is possible.


Hello, Can you send me the 4K blender link (64bit) please?


Sent by DM. Note that audio doesn’t work on live streaming. You can get audio from your laptop microphone or a separate line in and then mix it with your encoder like OBS.


Hey, would you please share the link with me ? many thanks in advance from germany!