HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With "UVC 4K" Driver For Windows 10



Can you provide more info?

Are you running it on Windows 10, 1703 or higher?
Are you using OBS as the encoder?
Is the THETA V plugged in with a USB cable?
Can you see a flashing word “Live” all in blue?

In your Windows Device Manager, do you see this:


Thanks for the fast reply. Yes to all, except that mine is not registering as an imaging device. It is showing up under portable devices. Confirmed on v. 1703 build 15063.674. Where is the actual driver for the ricoh? When I go to OBS I’m getting a…success.

So I’ll shut up now and thank you, after I ran 4K installer I forgot to go back to OBS and reselect the 4K option. Looking good/thank you!


Thanks for the success report. These tips from individual experiences are helping the overall THETA community. :slight_smile: :3theta_s::theta:


Yay, success! I like to hear that. :slight_smile:


Also, I’m having a problem getting OBS to pick up any audio from my theta at all. Video works, but audio is a no go. Any thoughts as to what needs to be configured? I’m seeing


The last I checked, sound did not work. However, it may work with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that was released yesterday. I’ll test it with the updated version of Windows.


Please let me know. I’m at a special event and would love to audio broadcaast


Can you use the microphone from your laptop right now? Or, plug a separate microphone into your Windows machine and use that audio source.


I like your idea, but I didn’t bring a mic actually. Also, when I tested facebook livestream people were seeing major frameskip even though I have 100mb/s available to (me)


I’m downloading this in the background.

I don’t know if it will help. I heard that the USB Audio Class (UAC) device support was upgraded in this update. I should know more in a few hours.

More info on UAC


it’s not a bad idea, I’ll download that. I’d love to see it work, naturally.


Update is getting Audio! Now to figure out why my facebook live 360 is super duper choppy.


Video is working, had to enable hardware encoding!


Wow, thanks for all these nice updates. Great work and congratulations on getting this working. You’re a real pioneer. :slight_smile:

You’re probably the first one to get 4K live streaming audio working from Windows 10. Did you have to enable hardware encoding in OBS?


If I could double-like this, I would!


regarding update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Note for people considering the update to Win 10 Fall Creators Update. I needed to open up my computer and disconnect all drives except for the main SSD boot drive. In my system, I have a smaller SSD and a larger old-school HD for video archiving and large programs. I needed to disconnect the SATA cables from the HDs and then boot my computer with only the SSD connected.

I had this problem before for a prior major Windows OS upgrade, so I was prepared to trace the problem. Just passing this information along in case other people have the problem.

As it appears that this update is needed by most people to get UAC (USB Audio Class) 2 working, it’s an update we may want to consider. The THETA V appears to use USB Video Class (UVC) 1.5 and UAC 2. These are newer standards, but they are general USB standards.


Update: 10/18 - THETA V Audio now working in live streaming with UVC 4K driver and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709

Single channel audio now working.

Audio settings of OBS

Select THETA V, not THETA V 4K

Video settings of OBS

Device is RICOH THETA V 4K, not THETA V. FPS is default

Other Windows Info

For troubleshooting.

In my Device Manager, THETA V now listed as a camera


So, there is a limitation: hardware.

I have a mobile graphics card(r(R9 M375) (not integrated graphics) and a I7 6700HQ. Capturing data at 4K and trying to stream 4K? VERY DIFFERENT. It doesn’t have the memory to handle 4K encoding.

My machine was pegged at 90% on CPU/GPU doing 1080p, and I’m not sure how well USB2 is going to handle 4K, but it’s going to need serious hardware. That being said, records at 4K are amazing so I’m sure 4K livestreams will be as well.

I had a D&D tabletop event I was trying to live broadcast and it didn’t go well/didn’t have enough time to get OBS in line. I had to: update video drivers, update OBS, add video driver/OBS integration, update to that latest windows 10 build. There are clearly a lot of prerequisites. There was an OBS/AMD GPU plugin I had to install to enable this:


What version of OBS are you using. I had high CPU and dropped frame problems with an older version. I tested it on OBS 19 and OBS 20. An earlier version of OBS did not give good results.

My GPU is only a nvidia 750Ti and my CPU is only an i7 4790K.

I need to go to my friend’s office to do more testing.

4K live streaming in 360 is very new, so I think that people would really benefit from tests in the home/office prior to the event. Really appreciate and respect your ambition in trying to get it to work right there at the event show. Love that can-do attitude. :theta::theta_s:


So, latest? Plus the AMD thing from and updated firmware. I also made sure to assign the app to the gfx card so that my integrated gpu didn’t try to handle it. 750ti might work significantly better.