HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With "UVC 4K" Driver For Windows 10



The UVC 4K driver for the THETA V is compliant with UVC 1.5. However, I do not think it supports the entire UVC 1.5 specification.

I do not know about control under the .NET environment.

A community member is using Windows 10 with direct show to get the modes and KS_H264VIDEOINFO for debugging.

The community does not have a lot of information on this, so you would be forging new ground.

If you’re just trying to push an email, can you using the normal WiFi API or the USB API?


Thank you very much, since it can stream using OBS in Windows so it should work in .net environment. Will look some more .
Thank you again


After going thru the thread, I realize the reason I don’t get stream on my pc is because my windows version is too old (Win7 build 7601)
Thanks for everyone’s post I know win 10 version 1703 will have the driver built in
but is there a way to install the driver separately but still in my old win7 version?
Many thanks!


I don’t think it will work with Windows 7. You could try the 32 bit version of the Windows 10 driver.