Idea for Yoann Tronique Z1 Interval plug-in


Did you think it’s possible to make a plug’in who can make interval shoot without using a smartphone.
I know it’s possible to do that with my android app, but it’s the point, i can’t use it that way, becouse i need to be quick as possible, drop my Z1 in a spot and let him shoot continually.

Also, in the integrated interval shooting mode, we can’t be fast that 6sec, i need to make that more quicker.

What do you think about that ?


I have a Z1 and several other developers have a Z1 or have purchased it and waiting for it to arrive. However, most of the testing to date has been with the V. This will change over time.

If the camera stitches the images internally, you’ll need 4 seconds between shots with the THETA V. I have not tested with the Z1 yet.

If the images are not stitched, you can reduce this to 1 second between shots. If the images are not stitched, you will need to batch process the images in post production to stitch them with third-party software. In the current workflow, you will lose the metadata of the image, including orientation.

I have not tested it with the new API, which might include metadata.

I have not tested the time required for the DNG images, which does include all the image data.

To get below 1 second, we’d need to take video at lower resolution (4K) and extract the frames.

Does a spacing of 4 seconds meet your requirements?

@Yoann_Tronique, can you tell me what you would use this for? Is it for something professional? Or just for you own picture taking? Can you describe how you are most likely to use this? I’m just trying to understand what is needed.

IMO, the key things we need to know:

  • how fast an interval is needed?
  • how many pictures (2 to 4,000)?
  • is dual-fisheye OK or does image need to be equirectangular?


1sec could be perfert. if the post production is not to hard isn’t a problem, because i do some post production for my regular DSLR picture.

Yes is for professionnal, I’m a wedding photographer, and i want to make 360 picture for somes moments, like the way out from office or church. But i’m alone, so i need to drop the theta to do my regular shoot.

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  • how fast an interval is needed?
  • how many pictures (2 to 4,000)?

In my Pentax K1, i can set interval with The number of shoot and the delay between shoot. But Maybe it’s possible to make simpliest, just set the total time of the shoot and the theta take max picture he can.

  • is dual-fisheye OK or does image need to be equirectangular?
    What is that ? I want to use 360 picture.
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Good information. Thanks. The RICOH THETA Z1 has a screen, but the screen navigation is limited to simple button presses. We’ll need to specify some presets that you can select.

The “360” view of images is “equirectangular”. This is the format you need.


Same equirectangular shot above viewed on Google Photos (will look the same in Facebook or Google Maps / Streetview, virtual tour sites,

The camera can take dual-fisheye images faster. However, you will need to stitch the images together in post-production with something like PTGui personal, which is $146. The personal license is okay for a 1 person business.

Out of curiosity, how do the wedding clients view the 360 pictures? Do you use a site like kuula?

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With the Fn button, i imagine swithin between the option of the plug’in, and set this option with the shutter button.

When we shoot in RAW, the camera make a Dual-fisheye. So, I can imagine to just making somes post prod in Lightroom with this dual fish picture and make and export the 360° with PTGui. That process could be great.

And if using dual-fisheye can be speed up the number of shoot that is fantastic. So, now i just to learn how i can do that with the api :blush:

I don’t know yet how sharing my picture, i’m thinking about my how website, or with the 360 ricoh web site.

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Basic Technology Testing Needed

  • build prototype plug-in for THETA Z1 and verify interval shooting can be reduced to 1 second with: settings JPG+DNG and JPG image set to “_imageStitching none” (dual-fisheye)
  • if interval can be reduced with technique above, test interval with several hundred images taken at 1 second intervals

Yoann Tronique Interval Plug-in for Z1 Requirements

  • Support for RICOH THETA Z1 only (no V support as V lacks OLED screen and RAW images)
  • Use same image exposure from prior settings. Set to automatic by default for all images. (note: may need more feedback to see if photographer wants +1EV, 0EV, -1EV type of setting)
  • Use default audio chirp for each picture taken (can disable with mobile app prior to starting plug-in)
  • Total time taken for plug-in to run: 3 second (should take 3 pictures); 30 seconds (30 pictures), 1 minute (60 pictures), 30 minutes (1,800 pictures)


  • Adjust interval between pictures using function button
  • Adjust total time for plug-in to run using function button

Next Steps

If anyone tests the interval, post here.
If you want to build this plug-in as an open source project, create a GitHub or (BitBucket, GitLab) repo and post here.
If there are changes to requirements, post here.


We first need to verify that the basic “interval” functionality works.


It’s a beautiful plan :star_struck: