Most Useful New Feature of the RICOH THETA V (POLL)

The new RICOH THETA V has been announced! Pre-orders are available now, with the shipping date, according to Amazon, being September 24, 2017.

We’d like to know, as a developer working with the camera’s open API, what upcoming new features are you most anticipating?

If we missed a good feature you’re focused on, please reply to the post and let us know. Also, if you’ve got extra comments, or a specific use case that you’re especially excited about, we’d love to hear details.

Developers! What’s the most useful feature you will use in the new RICOH THETA V? (multiple choice)

  • 4K 360 live streaming (120Mbps for 4K and 42Mbps for 1080/30p)
  • 4K video at 30 frames per second at a resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels
  • 4K video supports both H.264 file format as well as new H.265 video compression standard
  • 802.11ac wifi transfer speed is 2.5x faster than THETA S
  • New Bluetooth connectivity can maintain constant connection between smartphone and camera, can wake up THETA even while in sleep mode
  • 4-channel microphone supports 360-degree spatial audio, two mics on the side of the camera and two on the top, with ability to record spatial audio based on direction and height, recorded in Linear PCM
  • Minimum interval with interval shooting reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds, approximately half the time of the THETA S
  • Software plug-ins (example: Wireless playback to broadcast content onto TV or other monitors while using THETA as remote control by holding shutter button and moving camera around)
  • Ultra-high shutter speed of up to 1/25000 seconds (Up to 1/6400th with THETA S)
  • Shooting at ISO 64 to 3200 for photos and 6400 for videos
  • “Stitching almost unnoticable”
  • 19GB of internal storage (up from 8GB), which can hold around 40 minutes of 4K video or 4800 photos
  • Non-removeable lithium ion battery can last up to 65 minutes while recording video
  • 3.5mm audio jack jack and Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Micro HDMI port removed, instead supports Miracast (open standard that is essentially HDMI over wifi, compatible with Google Chromecast, Amazon FireTV Stick, others)
  • Optional accessory underwater cover, depth of 30 meters (98.4 ft), can control camera even with case on
  • Optional accessory called the 3D Microphone TA-1 picks up natural sound at both low and high frequency, large 10mm aperture “well suited to shooting musical performances” and wind screen for reducing wind noise

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Coolt it should be possible to build in lossless borderless video stabilisation like the one you can do Stabilizeing on 360 Video With Autopano Video Pro

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If you’re using 360 video, stabilization would be good, I agree. With the previous version of the THETA, we’ve seen developers focus on 360 images. I wonder if there will be more development projects and businesses that build services around 4K video.


Unfortunately, fhe type of video stabilization done by Autopano Video Pro can’t be done in real-time as the analysis has to consider the complete stream and looking ahead in time is still struggling with laws of physics. :wink:
In theory, real-time stabilization is possible using high-quality gyros such as those used in gimbal systems.
Until then, post-processing is fine, even though not loss-less. Considering the loss during transforming the fisheye images to equirectangular format, the loss during stabilization post-processing is probably secondary.

I think even cameras with 6 axial digital gyro inbuild
the losless stabilization are done in the software
you have to edit the video anyway
it make no sense to upload unedited video
it might be for fun, All right in the beginning
But on quality videos there are alwayes laid houers of stritching and editing work clipping and rendering

so what is the point there :thinking:

360 lossless stabilisation are hardware and software combination.

From @Serendigity over in Ricoh THETA Users on Facebook:

I was after optical improvement yielding increased resolution but I guess this cannot be done in the current design.

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We cannot expect that on Dual 12 Mega Pixels 1 / 2.3-inch Image Sensors

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In the course of using the Theta V, I had these observations / suggestions:

  • limited storage is a problem. I ran out of space before I ran out of battery.
  • It desperately needs batch processing for stitching videos.
  • I wish there was an option for unstitched photos in case we want to stitch ourselves using third party software (with the option to use Theta software to stitch as well).
  • I couldn’t figure out how to use the remote TV feature (I tried with Firestick and Chromecast). I tried to follow the instructions but it didn’t work.
  • When i’m in self timer mode, i recommend adding a way to exit the mode without having to turn off the Theta. For example, by holding down the mode button.
  • Please explain how to use spatial audio in Premiere. I can’t hear it except through the Theta app.
  • Is there a way to improve the stabilization performance so that it’s good enough to stabilize while walking?

A lot of people are complaining about the purple fringing. Please add automatic purple fringing correction especially for video.
For firmware upgrades, pls. add a progress bar.


Thanks, Mic, this is great feedback, especially considering how much you used the previous versions of the THETA yourself, how you do comparisons to other 360 cameras, and also interact with a wide range of users giving their input to you on 360rumors articles and videos. Thank you.

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There are actuarially other not named brands that has this function inbuilt in the Desktop application !
Type: the RICOH THETA app
But i think to day this should be possible to build into the THETA V it self :3theta_s:

Hi Svend, Yes you’re right. There are also cameras that had this issue and were able to substantially mitigate it through a firmware update.

Best regards,

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I couldn’t use the remote TV feature neither, the information on the theta 360 website is not helping at all, anyone could do connect?

Covered in step-by-step detail in the article below.

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