New THETA 360 Video Live Streaming Guide Available

Brand new 360 live streaming guide for THETA. Covers YouTube, HDMI streaming, overheating, sample code for WiFi/Unity, WebRTC, JavaScript stitching. Contributions welcome

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I cannot get streaming via YouTube to work. I see the equirectangular image in OBS and when I start setting up the YouTube stream I see the image, But if I choose “events” to enable the 360 (as the guide suggests), when I go live it launches Google Hangouts in my browser and Hangouts doesn’t see the Theta.

I’m guessing it’s some change in the way YouTube is working.

I would love any advice people have.

I’m using a ThetaS with the latest firmware in OSX.



Please confirum you are using Events and not Stream now.

If I choose “stream now” then I see the equirectangular feed but when I choose “events” it launches the stream as a Hangout


I’m streaming right now in a separate window. I’m using OBS 17 on Win 10.

Here is a screencast showing my process.

Maybe you can spot what I’m doing wrong.


On YouTube, do you have the box Quick checked? That is the wrong button. Make sure Custom is selected.

Select Custom not Quick on YouTube event. See my previous screenshot of the YouTube Event.

I found that setting but now I cannot find the stream name to plug into OBS.


Create the event first.

You must select an ingestion bitrate first

Just to clarify, if you do not select the ingestion bitrate on YouTube, you will not see the Stream Name. It will be hidden. Select the ingestion bitrate. You must create the event to see the ingestion settings on YouTube.

Cool, I’ll verify all this tomorrow,

Thanks for your help.

It’s an annoying issue in the YouTube UI that the Stream Name and Primary Server URL do not appear unless you first select the bitrate of the encoder. Also, if you change the bitrate after you stream the event for a few minutes, the Stream Name will change. If you want to change the bitrate after you configure OBS, you’ll need to create a new event. Depending on your upstream bandwidth, you may want to try the 720p first using UVC HD Blender (not UVC FullHD Blender).

@Phil_Spitler Did you get the streaming working? What kind of cool project are you working on? Loved your last timelapse. So awesome.