New Z1 Support in DualFisheye Plug-in by Ichi Hirota Update

Awesome! It works!
Thanks a lot! You make my day!

Hey guys, be aware, renaming in file explorer - wrong way!


I guess you have the same trouble as mine with “no compatible dng file” error.
Look at previos post!

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I don’t use the DNG plug-in that often, so this may be incorrect info, but can PTGui batch processing help with your workflow. It’s commercial software, but there’s a free watermark demo version you can test. I believe it has THETA Z1 templates.

Triggering setup by @YuqingGuo


Posted on Facebook.

With Z1 plug-in.

These from the same picture.

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I’m patiently waiting for @hirota41 ‘s Dualfisheye controller.

Something that seems to have been overlooked is that there is no gps information if you can’t use your iPhone to control the Z1. Have just run into this while using Pano2VR and uploading a tour to Google Street View

@greytail as reported by @YuqingGuo , the plug-in can now be triggered by mobile phone with Wi-Fi.

However, it may not be pulling the GPS information yet. Maybe you can help test that if Yuqing didn’t cover it in his video. It’s quite possible that Ichi Hirota, the developer, focused on the Wi-Fi trigger of the shot first and may continue to improve the app and plug-in in the future.

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Hi, @greytail
You are correct. Dualfisheye Plug-in is NOT only for SV Photographers. We can add the coordinates of Geo location data with using PTGui.

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Dualfisheye Remote Controller is very useful. Have you tried it yet?

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Added shot to this document and provided attribution to you.

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Hi, @craig san.
Apple and orange. So yammy!

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Now we can control THETA Z1 DualFisheye Plugin with Bluetooth Controller

00:35 Activate Bluetooth hidden inside DualFIsheye Plugin

02:52 Next Time Running after BT being activated

03:28 Nice Improvment on DualFisheye Plugin Remote APP

04:28 Wrap Up

DualFisheye Plugin 2.4 Download

DualFisheye Remote Control APP

My Playlist for DualFisheye Plugin on THETA Z1

Ultimate Guide to DualFisheye Plugin


@YuqingGuo, Thanks so much for all your work. These videos are awesome. I just shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

@YuqingGuo I tried to see carefully your video and followed the explanation. But unfortunately i am not able to bring it to working level. I can activate the bt remote plugin. Afterwards i try to follow and start DualFisheye Plugin Remote (yes i bought it). I can use the app, but the bt is not working afterwards. I have the version from 7th march. And the plugin that one can download from the plugin store (version 2.3.1).
If i activate bt remote plugin(only for remote controlling the cam) i can push a button and a picture will be taken (the bt button is working).
If i understood right:
first start bt remote plugin, wait for bt button connection, then switch to dualfisheye, connect the dualfiseyeremoteapp and push the picture button. afterwards the bt button should work too.

Today i received a new version from the Google Store and in addition the Plugin Store was updated. With the new Software on Z1 and the Droid i am now able to use the BT Button (Joby) as described by @YuqingGuo. Thanks
And thank you to the creator of DualFishEye for that feature. I am very happy.


Hello, I cannot finalize with Theta Z1 Stitcher Ligtroom after a shooy of dualFisheye Burst shot Count 17 Jpg

I merged the 17 JPGs in Lightroom Fusion HDR
Obtained the result -> R0020176-HDR.dng
Renowned in R0020176_2.dng
and when I use Ricoh Theta Stitcher I get the error

DNG is not supported

How to do?

Hi, @Avista360
Unchecked “Auto align” ?

Unchecked “Automatic alignment”?

I redo the HDR merge in lightroom and I uncheck Automatic alignment?
I’m going to try
thank you for helping me

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Yes the alignment option in lightroom has been activated

GPS Support Coming

Requires Wi-Fi app


original post on FB (not sure if it requires login, but the info is here in this forum).

Tested by @Juantonto

Free Updates for Paid Apps

The developer confirmed that paying users can upgrade for free. IMO, worth buying to support the community.