New Z1 Support in DualFisheye Plug-in by Ichi Hirota Update

Today i received a new version from the Google Store and in addition the Plugin Store was updated. With the new Software on Z1 and the Droid i am now able to use the BT Button (Joby) as described by @YuqingGuo. Thanks
And thank you to the creator of DualFishEye for that feature. I am very happy.


Hello, I cannot finalize with Theta Z1 Stitcher Ligtroom after a shooy of dualFisheye Burst shot Count 17 Jpg

I merged the 17 JPGs in Lightroom Fusion HDR
Obtained the result -> R0020176-HDR.dng
Renowned in R0020176_2.dng
and when I use Ricoh Theta Stitcher I get the error

DNG is not supported

How to do?

Hi, @Avista360
Unchecked “Auto align” ?

Unchecked “Automatic alignment”?

I redo the HDR merge in lightroom and I uncheck Automatic alignment?
I’m going to try
thank you for helping me

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Yes the alignment option in lightroom has been activated

GPS Support Coming

Requires Wi-Fi app


original post on FB (not sure if it requires login, but the info is here in this forum).

Tested by @Juantonto

Free Updates for Paid Apps

The developer confirmed that paying users can upgrade for free. IMO, worth buying to support the community.



Is the remote control system available for Mac OS… I checked the Apple Mac store for “dual fisheye plugin” but there is no listing! Also I don’t have a Blue Tooth clicker. Where do I get that?

Bluetooth clicker

JOBY Impulse


As of March 24, 2020, there was no Dual-fisheye Plug-in remote for iOS. The developer, @hirota41, mentioned that he was getting feedback from Android users first, then planning to work on iOS. This message was from late March, so pretty recent.

Please refer to the topic I linked to above for Bluetooth clicker info. Not all the Bluetooth clickers work and RICOH listed only one on their support site.

I know there is a legacy of comments on GPS precision collected through the Theta app (it should be at least as precise as the plugin) . Has manufacturer provided any feedback on this yet? Many thanks.

This is not working anymore.,tried renaming HDR to “2” it used to work but not anymore…what;s up?

Hi, @greytail Thanks for the info. However, it works properly without any problems.

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic ver.9.2.1
  • Camera Raw ver.12.2.1
  • Theta Stitcher ver.1.10.1
    running on the Windows10 pro(1909) 64bit RAM16GB

Good luck.

I can open regular DNGs but not the HDRs…I gave up. I am using Camera raw to open the HDR, saving to TIFF, the sending to PTGUI. Works fine. However, with PTGUI, shouldn’t I just be using brackets?

The phone has more precise GPS data so the plug-in or other mobile apps can access it. I have not heard about anything updates for the GPS accuracy of the official mobile app.

Thanks Craig, Its unfortunate that the Theta app does not capture precise GPS data as the Dual Fisheye plugin does. I did however find a workaround that enables me to capture interval mode with the plugin. To do this I use an adroid s/w - intervalometer available on the Google Play store. It works surprising well to automate pressing of the shutter button in any android app. Thanks again and all the best.

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Thanks for this information.

@jcasman and I are building a demo mobile app to test different technologies. I’ll add “increased GPS accuracy” to the feature list.

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Did you find a way to edit the JPGs to make them top up? I’m having the same issue and I need help.

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@JBeard Not yet, but I haven’t used my Z1 since testing v1 of the DualFisheye plug-in…looking forward to testing out the newest version!
The developer, Ichi Hirota, did reply after my post to say Jpeg orientation was a Ricoh implementation (also seen in the Theta V). I would suggest setting up a batch automation action in whichever photo editing software you use to either split and rotate the jpegs or create a new set of jpgs by compressing the .DNG to .jpg.


Hi, my images seem to be automatically stacked in camera resulting in one HDR-DNG file. How do I bypass this so I get all 9 images for transfer later? Thanks.

Hi, @rhw908
Just select Bracketing mode instead of HDR-DNG.
Good luck,