Possible THETA V Battery Bypass Hack - UNTESTED

A community member is experimenting with the THETA V battery and thinking about connecting the battery to an external power source in order to use the USB port of the THETA for Ethernet with USB OTG. When the THETA V is using Ethernet, the USB OTG connection does not charge the camera battery.

This type of hack will completely void your warranty and will probably make your camera unusable. You should only try this if your company has a decent budget to buy a few cameras and they understand that you’re going to take apart the camera.

Also, this hack has not been successfully implemented yet.

It’s theoretically possible to replace the battery with an external power source if you take apart the camera.

  • there are 3 electrical connections on the camera to connect to the battery
  • the middle connection is temperature resistance.
  • use 100k Ohm as 25 degree C and 4.2V with 1A capability
  • test the camera with a constant power supply from an adjustable bench power supply and adjust the voltage and ampere to cheat the power manager IC on the camera

If someone tries this, please post test results.

There’s a long set of community tests for the THETA S battery and power system.

Note that the device below did not work with the THETA S in community tests. We have new information about the middle connection related to temperature resistance and some ideas for adjusting the voltage and current with a bench power supply.

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