RICOH THETA API Over USB Cable - (Z1, V, S, SC models)

You are right, I have a more advanced version

The Theta part is the same. I’m using Theta V, I will probably switch to Z1 in a near future.
Theta is connected in usb and all works with gphoto2 (with a modification in the source code to get the shutterspeed working). There is no live streaming, it takes either photos or videos. I change the RaspberryPi 3b+ with a raspberryPi 4, downloading content from the Theta to the Pi is about 10 times faster. I didn’t have tested the UVC driver yet because I want to keep the original mp4 stream without decoding and mainly because this solution is working fine (live streaming is done with a “standard” low-light usb webcam)


Awesome! It looks amazing with the new chassis and wheels.

Is this a security lock or do you attach a tether to the robot in case you need to retrieve it?

That looks like a custom 3d printed mount for the THETA? Looks awesome. Nice work.

Hi there.

I would like to make the recording time of the Theta SC2 video longer than 3 minutes.
Can this be configured using the USB API?

I have tried the following, but could not set it to more than 3 minutes.

ptpcam --set-property=0xD823 --val=1500

Sorry if this is the wrong thread.


You can’t override the 3 minute limitation of the SC2 video with an API. For the V or Z1, you can use a plug-in.

If you need longer than 3 minutes, you can use the motionJPEG of the SC2 at 1920x960 @ 30fps and save to permanent storage on the device giving the API command (not the camera). No audio track on the motionJPEG.