SC2 video wont record - shows [!] glyph in OLED screen

Brand new SC2. When I use the Mode button to switch to Video it appears correct, but when I click the shutter button to start recording, it immediately shifts to an exclamation point glyph and does not begin recording.

I’ve updated to Firmware 1.31, but that does not help.

Suggest you call RICOH official customer support and stay on top of this. Consider a potential return under warranty. This is not the expected behavior.

The exclamation point indicates some type of error. It could be a hardware error such as faulty storage. Worth contacting the official support first in case there is an easy fix which would save you the hassle of a return.

Thank you,
Yes, after about 2-1/2 hours of troubleshooting with Ricoh tech support they suggested I return it as well.