Shooting with one len at a time



I read that theta z1 has a plug-in tajt allow you to take on photo with one len at a time so you don’t have to hide anymore when you are doing virtual tours or anything. So, this is a plug-in thing, does anyone would like to program something like this. There is already one plug-in similar, that takes the photo but is not stiched. What do you think? It is possible. Yeah, right?. Theta V rules…


This is a good idea. It’s possible to take two dual fisheye or equirectangular images and merge them together to eliminate the photographer. There’s a contest on now. Maybe someone will build this idea.



I was just thinking about writing a plug-in for this. I’ve been talking to a couple people who wanted one. Can you tell me how you’d use it? You want to use it for virtual tours? How is that an advantage?



Hi, yes I will use it to take virtual tours walk through mode and normal mode, but also single shoots when there is no where to hide. The idea is that after the theta had taken the two photos, the camera stich them and then we have the photo without us, that simply the editing process. You will make a huge favor to everyone. :wink:


Hi again, so will you consider it made this plug-in for theta V? :pray:.