Solved: Unity Can't Display THETA V Live Stream on Windows 10

One colleague of mine told me i should try changing the audio DSP Buffer to Best latency. Could not test it so far but I will let you know image

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I did not need to change anything in the audio configuration of SteamVR, so I believe it is automatic.


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Thanks. I have it working with single channel audio.

I did a video review of a new Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop with quad core i7. The CPU was maxed out at 100%.

I’m getting an audio delay of less than one second. I had the DSP Buffer Size set to default. I will try it with “Best latency”

If other people want to try it, the setting is in Edit -> Project Settings -> Audio -> DSP Buffer Size

Even though the CPU was maxed out, the movement in the headset was smooth.

BTW, I think you’re aware, but the latency is a problem that for telepresence that many people are working on. One solution is to develop a new protocol with better compression, specifically for transmission over networks.

See this company for cool ideas:

Hello? Are you all still here?
I have a couple of questions. I’ve got 360 camera but it’s not THETA, it’s Insta360. So um… I can’t realize how you remove this black gaps on your sphere. What does this shader do?
(Solved: Unity Can’t Display THETA V Live Stream on Windows 10)
And what do you do in regedit? Is this thing for searching webcam or for… turning my webcam with 2 lenses into 2 webcams with single lenses?
I can’t resolve my problem with black gaps for a week.
Please help. Thanks in advance.

The THETA V outputs 4K equirectangular live streaming video. I’m not familiar with the insta360. You may want to ask someone on the insta360 developer site. If you do decide to purchase a THETA V, it also has the ability to develop plug-ins inside the camera.

Good luck with your project.

@codetricity Does THETA V support Linux ? Is there any possiblity that we can use your unityPack on Ubuntu?

Thanks In Advance

@codetricity THETA V Does have Linux Driver , So we can directly use THETA V on ubuntu with unity package that you have provided?

I think it’s likely that you won’t be able to use the THETA V working on Linux for the stream :frowning:

It’s likely that you’ll need to do a dual-boot and install Windows or MacOS on another disk.

thx,i can play it’s video in unnity,but the video aways at low fps. cpu i7,gpu 970.Is there a better solution for this?

Do you mean that you’re getting considerably below 30fps?

yes, with 4k model,that below 10 fps,i use webcamtexture to get theta v 's live video

Other people have reported this problem, but I can’t replicate it.

This is old, but I just used it a few weeks ago on my laptop and I was getting close to 30fps. We used the demo at several events with hundreds of people. I suspect something has changed with Unity to reduce the fps, but I can’t replicate the problem.

Can you share the code base you are testing?

Hi all, I’ve gotten pretty far with this post, great work all, but streaming has this weird segmentation.

Any advice.


There’s a newer discussion at the link below.

Also, improved technique from @RicoB

Thanks Craig, the skybox worked for me. Just what I wanted. Thank you


@Christopher_Paton, thanks for reporting back on the success. It helps others.

The original Unity examples in this topic are old and I should reorganize the examples to help people find the updated information.

Let us know if you create something cool. :slight_smile:

Trying to set up telepresence robot operation.

Just trying to learn unity to get oculus quest controllers mapped.

You may find these articles interesting.

The examples below are not using Unity. The developers for the two projects below are on this forum. You may be able to exchange ideas on implementation.

You sir, are a legend. thank you.


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