Super easy tripod removal


Here’s something I get asked almost every day on my instagram

“How do you remove the tripod?” or “How do you make it look like the camera is floating?”

Well here’s a quick and super easy tutorial… Full details on my blog:


There is already a list topic for this


Forgive my ignorance… But that link is so cluttered, it’s not exactly “super easy” - And doesn’t specifically give instructions for easy photoshop removal.


I hate to say it and do not want to invent the wheel , but why use a tripod when we all use an advanced self leveling 360 camera?
i often use a thin monopode when shooting a selfie, the THETA image overlap makes the camera and the thin monopode disappear like magic and you are not in need of PhotoShop.
just keep the THETA center or cero line vertical :innocent: example shot into a typography mirror on a visit on a graphic museum.


Also the article should start “both times that I removed the tripod on Instagram I was asked how I did it”


Grow up man… You are better than this. I hope.


Hi Guys to prevent a lot of miss understanding and keeping a good tone in the forum
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I agree, but sometimes people are just in it to mess with other people. And that’s not cool. “Nothing good to say? Don’t say anything.”

Good vibes only from me.


Sure, and you’re also welcome to call me out should I boast about anything that’s demonstrably untrue.


Do us all a favour please.