THETA S dokumentation on a Clasic MC rally

Click here lean back sound on :theta:
Try to Click on the Google Map icon
here are the Action Cam Video shot on the day

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So cool! I would love to see more pictures of your beautiful country when you are out riding your motorcycle. I have never been to Sweden, but have always imagined that it’s lovely.

I used to ride a motorcycle years ago when I was younger. My wife is against me riding now. Though, I’ve thought about buying a Zero electric motorcycle, which is a local company fairly close to my house. It will never happen as my wife is more powerful than me. :wink: In the meantime, would love to see your roadtrips in 360 media.

This is fantastic! I think the row of thumbnails across the top is a very easy way to navigate from photosphere to photosphere.

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I agree. I think he’s using Pano2VR on a normal web site. Stuff like that will give some competition.

Yes it is Nice and the Nodes changes automatically here are another :theta_s: Panorama from Sweden
the Photographer holds the magic wand tool in hes hand and sometime he is invisible by the magic of PhotoShop :pensive:


We have a Sony Action Cam Rally documentation in 1920x1080 50p but it is not yet edited

i made one for fun on my Trike awful bad Quality

forgot my money and driving license so i had to rewind the Video :smile:

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Beautiful! I wonder if there are trout in that river?

BTW, I reached out to the people from Garden Gnome Software to see if they wanted to promote their software at the RICOH booth to developers. I never got a response. We’re not doing a hackathon right now, but we are doing meetups in San Francisco. If there’s anyone from Garden Gnome that wants to present at a meetup in SF, let me know. The guys from HoloBuilder moved to SF, so we have them scheduled to speak next month.

Sure there are trout in the river

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Have you ever tried a stabilizer like this?

The manufacturer offered to loan me one for testing, but I declined as I didn’t want to take receipt of a $700 product. He said he tested with the THETA, but I asked him to send me a video before I promoted it.

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I took my family fly fishing last month, but didn’t take any 360 pictures. I need to get better at linking spheres to tell a story like you do. You have really cool pictures and good technique. :theta_s: I will try on my next trip. This fish was released immediately after the picture was taken.

You can even use a Gimbal For The THETA S it will make the video steady

If you click the iPhone image it will go full size
Video link
it is a bit dark here in wintertime :smiley:
the green led are gimpal on
the Theta camera will level it self horizontal and even upside down
the gimbal are actually build for smartphones
but it will balance a THETA S nicely and even a Sony Action-cam

What brand is the gimbal? I’d like to pass on the information of what accessories work to other people with a THETA. Do you recommend that gimbal?

BTW, the video link to dropbox doesn’t work.

Sorry missing link i noticed it to , shall find the Video is on my phone
it is a SwiftCam M3L but it is not in production anymore
i have another for my Sony Action cam from

found the missing video

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