THETA USB Live Streaming Now in Full 1080 HD - Free Upgrade


I have not really tried to connect the camera via USB to a wall outlet. If it works via a USB charger, this would eliminate the UVC Blender. I can do a test. Have you tried charging the camera via a USB mobile phone charger? Thank you


I have not tried it with HDMI streaming. However, I know that plugging the USB cable into a computer will shut off API access to the WiFi, so I’m assuming that if the THETA is connected to a computer with USB, the THETA knows that it is connected with a USB cable to the computer and changes characteristics.

If you plug it into a wall outlet, make sure that the wall outlet adapter is capable of a 1.5amp charge. Certain rechargeable battery packs (the ones about the size of two decks of cards) will output sufficient current to charge the THETA.

I don’t know if the THETA can be charged from USB with HDMI plugged in, but I think it can be since I seem to recall people streaming the THETA with HDMI for months in non-stop operation.


I’ll test if it works with the 1.5a wall charger and return it to you. Let’s find out if we can keep the camera powered during transmission via hdmi output. I’m also developing a cooler heatsink grid to cool the camera during transmission. Thank you


Thank you for your help sharing your experience with different streaming setups. It’ll help other people that want to do the same thing.


Hi all,

my first post here :slight_smile: Anyone had success live streaming 1080p to YouTube (via USB with this latest firmware)?

Using OBS I can livestream 720p relatively well, though the resolution is not for production use. Using 1080p output (1920x960 actually) I can preview locally a much sharper video, however when streaming I’m only getting 0.1 FPS or so. That’s right, video updates once in 10 seconds or worse.

Is it my desktop, the OBS or the connection? Or is YouTube still limited for 360 live streams?


I have poor upstream bandwidth at my office. @jcasman has fancy high-speed Internet that can stream video to YouTube quickly and he’s doing a demo of the new 1080p live streaming at a meetup on Dec 13th.

@jcasman can you post your experiences testing the live stream from something like OBS to YouTube? That’s probably the most common usage of USB live streaming. We’ll also have a video archive of it to show the people at the meetup.


Couldn’t catch up with the meetup - timezones! How did the streaming work out? Have you had a consistent 1080p stream with at least 15 FPS? Pls share :slight_smile:


@jcasman tested it extensively at 1080p on YouTube and didn’t encounter any problems. I do not know the FPS. Jesse, can you share more details on your tests?


Installed UVC Blender on Windows 7 64 bit. Everything is working with OBS 17. Noticed that I only have THETA UVC HD Blender and not THETA UVC FullHD Blender.

Read the link below. Realized that Windows 7 is limited to 1280 x 720 and 15fps

See this:

Windows Recommended operating environment

Windows 7 SP1 or higher, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

  • GPU needs to be compatible with OpenGL3.2 or higher
    Please click here for details regarding Recommended Computer Environment.
  • Operation is confirmed on these devices as of July 2016, but this information may be changed at any time in the future without prior notice.
    The resolution and frame rate in Windows 7 is 1280 × 720 and 15fps.


On windows 7, I also tested THETA UVC HD Blender with VLC 3.0.0 night build 2017-1-5.

I’m able to stream the video in equirectangular format, but can’t figure out how to set up navigation of the video. If anyone has more success, please let me know.


Hi have you tried with Media Player Classic ?


here VLC media player
2.2.4 Weatherwax are Crashing what so ever

vlc-3.0.0-git are running upside down :grinning:
to set 16:9 or16:9 in advanced options do not function here

standard are 4:3 but it it is possible to change format in the right click menu


Does this have any navigation? Or, is it streaming an equirectangular video? The THETA R announcement indicates that the new camera will stream equirectangular format directly from the camera. There’s going to be source code for the controller that ships with the THETA R, but I wanted to find some software that I can use locally to view and navigate a 360 video stream.


I can replicate this problem. Should I submit a bug report to the VLC development team?

Thanks for testing this.


Well I think we should observe this and the color profile is also a bit strange :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
the image are also mirror left and right

sorry should have been
to set 16:9 or 16:10 in advanced options do not function here!


I have the same problem with the color. I am thinking about submitting a bug report to help the development team.

this is the link on how to submit a bug.

If I submit a search term with 360, it doesn’t appear that this has been filed yet.

It might be a way to help them.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Subject: 360 video stream problems
When using the RICOH THETA S with a 360 video stream people in the community are encountering these problems:

  • color profile is off
  • image is upside down
  • no way to navigate the 360 video stream

Let me know if you have any thoughts.


Advanced Options do not funktion with 360 input !

that is not clear to me please tell ?


I want to be able to click on the screen and rotate the video stream, similar to how people can do this on YouTube or with a video file. Can you move around the video on your computer in VLC 3.0.0 nightly build?



All Right :disappointed: no only by mowing the camera


Thank you for your help with testing. Appreciate it. I believe that these issues will be resolved in 2017. At a bare minimum, we’ll see open source code from RICOH for taking the equirectangular stream and moving the video around. According to their announcement.