Theta V Power Managment

I got the Theta V and I’m a bit confused by power managment. Several times I’ve left it almost fully charged and I’m pretty sure in the “Off” state, but when I come back to it a week later the battery is flat. I’ve turned Sleep mode off - that seemed to leave it still using battery, so I would rather I had to manually turn the camera off fully when I’m not using it.

Am I messing up here ? Any good tips on this? Thanks,

It’s like an Android mobile phone. If you press the power button quickly, it will sleep.

If you press and hold the power button for several seconds, it will then power off.

I had this same problem, when I started using the camera.

When you turn the power off, do you see the flashing red light?

I will put this into a short video and show you. It is easier to see the flashing lights in a video.

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No need, I see what you mean!

Thank you.

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I decided to make a video because I think many people are having this problem when they first receive the camera. It could really detract from the initial experience if they take the camera to a shoot only to find that the battery has drained.

Thanks for asking the question as I and probably a lot of other people had the same problem.


Thanks! I had no idea about the “sleep mode” - this is super valuable info especially if you’re planning to shoot video.