Theta V Shuts down after 21 minutes recording Via USB to OBS


I’m trying to 4k livestream a 4 hour event by connecting a Theta V to a PC running OBS. Despite not recording to USB storage, my Theta V is beeping 4 times and shutting down consistently after reaching the 21 minute mark. The battery does does drop whilst recording, but only by a few percent every 20 minutes.

I can see this problem was resolved back in September '18 using a 1080 recording, but I need better quality for this event.

I see there is a long video plugin which is somewhat limited in availability, but From what I understand, that is for recording to the device, not for streaming. please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for any help that can be offered.


The long video plug-in is for recording to device.

Can you blow a household fan on the THETA to reduce heat?

Please confirm that your sleep delay and off delay is turned off in the mobile app.

Normal off delay is 20 minutes by default (I think). That might be the problem.