Tip: How To Import pluginlibrary into a New Project


This was originally published on GitHub issues.

Some people have encountered problems with importimg the pluginlibrary into a new project.
If you import the library by selecting “File”-“New”-“Import Module…” in Android Studio 3.1.3, the folder may not show up in Android Studio. StackOverflow has a tip about this problem.

  1. Import “pluginlibrary” in the SDK by selecting “File”-“New”-“Import Module…”
  2. Add a text “include ‘:app’, ‘:pluginlibrary’” in “settings.gradle” file
  3. Sync by selecting “File”-“Sync Project with Gradle Files”.

You should now be able to import the pluginlibrary into your project.

This tip and others will be included in an updated Plug-in Developer Community Guide when it is updated at the end of this month.