2 x Ricoh Theta S - 3D Mode


I just placed an order for 3 pairs of red-blue glasses for $1.42 and free shipping. Though, shipping might take a while.

It’s a first step in the experimentation.




THETA S fun 4 images sent from Texas via Skype http://svendus.se/texas/
rebuild in PotoShop Filters/others/offset +100 pixel
grayscale http://svendus.se/texas/grayscale


Picked up a pack of 3 glasses for $1.48 plus free shipping on Amazon


The effect with my cheap 3D glasses is quite good, surprisingly crisp and realistic. The +100 pixel offset yielded a good effect.

Do you prefer the grayscale look or the color look?


I think the Greyscale are a mistake from my site :flushed: it seems to be a preveiw funktion in the software that create the red-blue efeckt !

Red are normally to the Right
But the embeded Video with the boy on the Tricke, the Blue are to the right


My wife and I tested your site with my cheap red-blue glasses. The greyscale looks slightly crisper.