Information on 360 video formats, live streaming, image viewers, graphics, media editing and more.


Information on getting started using the open source RICOH THETA API, building basic apps, hardware controllers (Raspberry PI), USB cable control, Python examples, and more.

Ricoh Hardware and Software

Discussions of official Ricoh camera hardware and software features and usage. For people who want to discuss modification, accessories, mounts, tripod, charging solutions. This includes the desktop and mobile apps, audio accessories from Ricoh and official Ricoh adapters.


RICOH THETA appears at multiple events around the US. Large tech conventions, VR parties, hackathons, meetups and more. It's a great chance to see demos and find out more about the product and what's being built with it.

Contests and Challenges

The RICOH THETA X IoT DEVELOPERS CONTEST is a cool opportunity to work on an IoT project incorporating RICOH's fun, low-cost 360 degree camera with a chance to win $45,000 in prizes.


Meta means discussion of the discussion itself instead of the actual topic of the discussion. We also call this the #site-feedback category.


Ideas for building businesses with the RICOH THETA. How can people make money in industries like construction, real estate, surveillance, industrial applications. Ideally, software developers can connect with entrepreneurs and collaborate on application requirements or brainstorm new ideas.