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Feature Requests (Nov 2016 POLL)

Homemade in Sweden, it made a small brainstorm on Facebook

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Peter T
Windows 10 tablet and phone app

Jérémie P. One model :theta_s: on

NOTE: 3D do not run on the newest Firefox it runs on CHROME and EDGE with commentary from Google :slight_smile:

There have been Discussions on Facebook Theta groups
about stitching errors on panoramas with more than two circular images :slight_smile:
Check this Example Panorama, winter 2016-12-02
I only find a little on the N image up

I think a 4-8 K Theta should have 3-4 maybe 5 lenses
to perform High Quality Video and Equirectangular Panorama without Chromatic Aberration.

I think Is time for higher Resolution! Facebook and Google Maps Supports 50 Megapixel to day
and YouTube displays 8K 4320p = 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels)

Do 4K 4096x2160 = 2160p Display 360 video with good Quality or must we go for 8K

4K Ultra HD Playlist (3840x2160 only)

Ok, we’re closing the November poll. We will be presenting this info and your comments to the RICOH THETA product manager. We really appreciate the input and effort. Thank you.