How to load a Theta V, video stream into an OpenCV C++ project using Xcode (mac)?

Hello there:

I am working on a C++ project that has the goal of streaming live the camera over to my MacBook Pro and to then use OpenCV to do some treatment to the feed.

  1. Is there any dependencies I need to install in order for me to access the video feed?

  2. How can I link the video feed over to my C++ code (code examples would be great)?
    Something of the order of:
    cv::VideoCapture inVideo;
    cv::VideoWriter outVideo;

  3. Is there a way to control the resolution and or frame rate?

Thank you for the help!

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@Jules_Moretti - The main dependency that you’ll need to worry about is that you must install a live streaming driver “THETA UVC Blender” on your Mac.

I don’t personally have any info on C++ code samples.

Are you using a V or an S?

Also, you have options between Wi-Fi and USB for connectivity.

If you’re using an S, there’s a fair amount of useable information here in the Media Guide: Section 3 is Live Streaming and 3.4 is about the driver for your laptop.

But if you find a solution or find helpful code samples please add it back here. I’ve been interested in using OpenCV to add text and other things to images, so if you make any progress there, too, I’d be super interested in hearing more.

@jcasman Thank you for your response, it’s a V. I will check your recommendations out. Ideally though, if there was code examples that would be very helpful.

Thank you!

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