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I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was 10 or 12 years of age, went into photo developing and custom print enlargements in the mid 1970’s (back when getting your photos returned the same day was a big deal). :rofl:

I began shooting weddings and special events in the 90’s using a Hasselblad medium format camera. Later in the 90’s when the request for digital photography was becoming more in demand, I couldn’t afford the $20k migration for new camera equipment so I became a licensed real estate agent (WT#?).

In order to remain sane and keep my right-brain happy, I often photographed my own listings and slowly honed my real estate photography skills over the years. But 15+ years in real estate was as much as I could handle, so I decided to go back to photography concentrating exclusively on residential and commercial real estate. And I am now at peace with myself again :relieved:.

I bought a Theta V in July 2020 so I could begin offering 3D virtual tours to my agent-clients, and the timing was perfect as Matterport was now offering 3D hosting and software that is compatible with many Ricoh 360 cameras. Although I can see a difference in clarity between the $376 Theta V and a $3,500 Matterport Pro 2 camera, the clarity of the Theta V provides a clear-enough image to work for most real estate applications (incidentally, clients, buyers, and sellers prefer the 3D tour over the 360 tour as it provides a more immersive “walk-thru” experience).

But alas, what’s this? I did not know this amazing little camera could produce such amazing and fun “Tiny Planet” photographs! I seriously did not know about the “Tiny Planet” world until after I bought the Theta V, and now I am completely addicted! :heart_eyes:
#theta360, #theta360official, and more!

I need to put this 360 camera down and get back to work, or else I’m going to have to dock my own pay!