ANSWERED: Time limit on live streaming

I read that there is a 25 minute limit on live streaming with the theta v? Why is this? Do you know if it can be changed?

Can you put the link where you read this?

The camera might get hot. I didn’t notice this in my tests, but I’ve just started testing it.

I’ve just started a new test and should know the answer in 24 minutes.

I need to do another test. stream stopped on my system. Might be a battery charge issue. I just got the camera yesterday and am still learning about it.
Will report back.

Battery was not charged when I started the test.

I’ll charge the battery and try again.

I’ve charged the battery and am going to run another test with full charge.

Search for “video time per recording”.

Also in the questions section the question was asked :

Question: What is the video limit for this device and is there any way of disabling the limit if there is any? Also is there a limit for time Lapse?
_Answer: The Theta V can record 25 minutes of video at a time, there is no way to disable the limit of recording time. For time lapse you can take up to 200 shots. _
By Jodi P. MANUFACTURER on September 22, 2017

I think its really silly that they have this limitation. Would love to understand why.

That’s 25 minutes of recorded video to file, not live streaming.

Do you want to live stream to YouTube or Facebook?

Or, are you recording the video to the camera and then transferring the video file to something like Premiere Pro or uploading directly. Please advise.

So the limit is relative to space on the device?
I want to stream but I want to do my own pre-processing before streaming to the cloud. So stream to connected device then stream up to cloud.

the 25 minute limit for recorded video is related to the size of the internal storage. The storage is NOT a removable microSD so you can’t increase the storage. There is no internal microSD card so you can’t increase it even if you take your camera apart.

In the document below for the THETA S, I tested saving the live stream to file using OBS, then using Adobe Premiere Pro in VR Mode to edit the file, then upload it to YouTube.

I have NOT TESTED THIS with the THETA V, but it is is a probable solution. You may need to inject metadata back into the video file, though I did not need to do this in my test. If you do need to inject metadata, it is easy. I think someone will test this in the coming week, so if this is something you need, then you should wait for someone to confirm that it works. In my personal opinion, it’s likely to work.

Currently at 1 hour 10 minutes and counting. Camera temperature is fine and not a problem.

@Joe please be aware that the live streaming has mono audio and the video saved to file has spatial audio. Because of this difference, saving the live stream to file may not meet your requirements.

Wow. How did you discover this? Why would they do this?

I was doing test with both 4K live streaming and spatial audio.

I don’t know the technical reason for this or if it can be fixed with software in the future. I’ll ask around.

Update: I am closing this topic to help other people find the info they are looking for.

The answer is that there is no time limit on live streaming. I’ve tested it for more than 2 hours. My test was in an air-conditioned room. We do not know if there will be overheating problems in the future, but we know that there is no technical limit on live-streaming.