automatic uploading of 360 photos to a URL

Dear All,

Hi, This is Farid and I am new to Theta360.

Can Theta V or Z or Z1 send photos as they are been taken instantly to a URL? to give you a better understanding imagine I need to take 120 photos and I want the photos to be sent to a URL address as I am taking the photos on the spot?


If you’re using your mobile phone to take the picture, you can search for different mobile apps to store the photos. I use Google Photos. There are many options.

If you want to share the pictures from the camera without a mobile phone, you will need to use a plug-in.

The plug-ins may not be updated as often as something as popular as Google Photos. You’ll need to test each plug-in and assess it yourself.

This plug-in can upload the pictures directly from the camera. I have not tested it in a while.