Connectivity Problem: Theta SC and iPhone 13 Pro


I’ve recently bought Theta SC and tried to connect it with iPhone 13 Pro with no luck.

What I’ve tried so far to fix it:

  • It’s working just fine with OnePlus 7 Pro
  • I did device hard reset (by pressing Power + Wifi buttons for mroe than 8 seconds) - didn’t help
  • I’ve updated device with Mac app from 01.00 to 01.20 - didn’t help
  • Tried connect to Theta with an airplane mode on, and forgotten all other wifi spots - didn’t help

About Theta SC

{"manufacturer":"RICOH","model":"RICOH THETA SC","serialNumber":"00108663","firmwareVersion":"01.20","supportUrl":"","apiLevel":[1,2],"endpoints":{"httpPort":80,"httpUpdatesPort":80},"gps":false,"gyro":false,"uptime":58,"api":["/osc/info","/osc/state","/osc/checkForUpdates","/osc/commands/execute","/osc/commands/status"]}

About iPhone 13 Pro

Software Version 15.3.1

I found out that for Theta SC latest update is Version 01.20 the last update on the Sep. 15,2017 and for other devices like Theta SC2 there was a fix for iOS above 14.

Is there anything else I could try to connect my Iphone with Theta SC?

Many thanks for any feedback!

Update on the status of this issue.

  • I tried to connect my Theta SC to iPhone 12 mini, and it works
  • Contacted general Theta support, but they redirected to UK support who’re just simply ignoring
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Great news that the fix appears to have worked with your SC. Thanks for letting the community know.

Good luck connecting with UK support.

There is no fix. It’s still not working with iPhone 13 pro :slight_smile: