Cordova RICOH THETA V CORS error

Hello, I am trying to use the API on the Ricoh THETA V but when I send an http request I have a CORS error; but seems working well with postman.

I tried to use the code from this Topic:
Building Cordova Apps for RICOH THETA 360 Images

But nothing worked on pc or tablet.

If someone have an idea.

I use AngularJS 1.7, jquery, and I also tried with the http-advanced plugin

here is my function calling to my endpoint.

    cordova.plugin.http.get('', {},{'Content-Type' : 'application/json; charset=utf-8','X-XSRF-Protected': '1'}, function(response) {
              }, function(response) {
                return response.error

Thank you!

This used to work.

I haven’t tried it in a few years.