Does the Windows USB webcam/streaming driver support multiple Theta Vs on the same PC?



I have a single Theta V here and it’s working great, and would like to know if I can add a second. Using OBS currently.


We don’t have good information on this. It’s possible in some applicaitons: I don’t know if it will work with OBS?

Are you using stereo vision? I have two THETA Vs and I can try this later.


No, this is just for live switching between multiple cameras - no stereo.


Upon further research, I am predicting that this will not work with OBS but will work with other applications, due to OBS’s issues with the hardware driver. If anybody with 2 Vs can confirm this I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Which leads directly to my next question: What are some Windows alternatives to OBS that can do everything it does?


I attempted to do this with OBS and with MPC-HC. I was not able to get it to work, but other people may have more success.

Note the following:

  • I just upgraded to Windows 1809 and am having some problems with device drivers in general. I need to take a look at my system
  • My THETA Vs are not acting the same. One may be having some hardware problems.

I need to do more tests.

You may be able to use the THETA V driver with MPC-HC. See this article:

Note that in that article, I’m using the RICOH THETA V driver NOT THETA V 4K.


Unfortunately, after I upgraded to Windows 1809, I can’t get the THETA V to stream using MPC-HC. Though, this may be a problem that is specific to my camera and system.


Thank you for all the info codeticity :slight_smile: