Does the Windows USB webcam/streaming driver support multiple Theta Vs on the same PC?

I have a single Theta V here and it’s working great, and would like to know if I can add a second. Using OBS currently.

We don’t have good information on this. It’s possible in some applicaitons: I don’t know if it will work with OBS?

Are you using stereo vision? I have two THETA Vs and I can try this later.

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No, this is just for live switching between multiple cameras - no stereo.

Upon further research, I am predicting that this will not work with OBS but will work with other applications, due to OBS’s issues with the hardware driver. If anybody with 2 Vs can confirm this I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Which leads directly to my next question: What are some Windows alternatives to OBS that can do everything it does?

I attempted to do this with OBS and with MPC-HC. I was not able to get it to work, but other people may have more success.

Note the following:

  • I just upgraded to Windows 1809 and am having some problems with device drivers in general. I need to take a look at my system
  • My THETA Vs are not acting the same. One may be having some hardware problems.

I need to do more tests.

You may be able to use the THETA V driver with MPC-HC. See this article:

Note that in that article, I’m using the RICOH THETA V driver NOT THETA V 4K.


Unfortunately, after I upgraded to Windows 1809, I can’t get the THETA V to stream using MPC-HC. Though, this may be a problem that is specific to my camera and system.

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Thank you for all the info codeticity :slight_smile:

any updates on getting multiple cameras working over USB. I have two theta Z1 and the driver can only pick up one at a time. I also tried newer and older version of drivers

I tried it briefly on Windows 10 and could not do it. However, I did not not for a workaround for very long.

Can you provide more information on what your setup or goal is? For example, are you trying to get two cameras recognized by OBS? Are you trying to get 2 cameras streaming for stereo vision or distance measurement? Do you need this working with Unity?

I believe we can get two cameras working on Linux. You might be able to get it working on Mac, but I have not tried.

Are you using Windows 10 and is this a requirement?