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Feature Requests (Sept 2016 POLL)

@jcasman maybe put the feature request about turning off the transfer into the next meeting agenda? It’s simple to implement and easy to see why people would want it. RICOH also doesn’t need to update the camera to implement it.

This is on the poll and although we don’t know details, we know the audio quality is going to be improved in some way. The main problem is if there’s space on the THETA camera body for a standard jack. It’s pretty tight inside the camera and the jack needs to stick inside. As RICOH/Pentax makes a lot of cameras for professionals, I think they’ll have something to improve audio that is usable.

Although I have an Android phone, I heard a rumor that the iPhone app can have timelapse pictures faster than 8 seconds. Does anyone know if this is true?

The time delay between shots is due to the stitching of the image from dual fisheye to equirectangular. Either the camera needs to have a faster processor or RICOH needs to allow storage of dual fisheye images on the camera.

I believe the poll should be adjusted to reflect the request for

unprocessed still images in dual-fisheye for HDRi special effects to speed up later processing with the RICOH THETA desktop software as part of a workflow

See this post. utjduo explains the requirement in the posts above that.

I think this is different from RAW images.

I think this also came up in relation to the HDR request for the special effects industry where they wanted to download the dual fisheye images and then then batch process them using RICOH software (which does not exist right now)

A few from the Facebook group:

Carl Bennet

  • An auto exposure mode where I can set the white balance. When timelapsing dawn and dusk I use auto so it can cope with the transition in light but at a certain point (as with all other cameras) it flickers between the various WB settings
  • To configure the video button to other functions like on other Ricoh cameras. I don’t use video so would like to be able to toggle it to HDR, timer, shutter sound, etc.
  • HDR to have the option to save the over/under exposed files separately
  • To configure the wifi to switch itself off once interval shooting has started
  • The limiter in interval shooting to have a higher limit. 200 is way too few shots as it only makes 8s of timelapse @25 fps.
  • To leave the camera shooting and not have the battery drained or the card full when I can estimate how long I want it shooting for.

Mario Rossi

  • Rugged outdoor version
  • Mount for a brace or tether line - that’s a must for a device like that
  • Be able to play stored photos and videos directly through its HDMI port - or fix the PC’s app so it does not have to reprocess, and downgrades the image definition, before playing it.
  • Have a way to turn it on and off while in the water resistant case - we currently have to open the case to turn it on and off. That exposes the camera. Or make a rugged waterproof model.

These are great feature requests. In order for this process to add value to the RICOH product development, we need to both organize the feedback and then present it to TK, the RICOH product manager. I feel that that present to TK portion is going smoothly as he is open to having meetings with us to review the feedback. Also, we have the poll data to help him send summary information to the RICOH engineers and executives in Tokyo, both as email and during meetings with them.

The poll is a great advancement in providing summary feature requests. I think we next need to work on how to get individual feature requests into the poll. I foresee us running into these problems:

  1. we’ll start missing feature requests like the many you have in the post above and these requests never get into the poll due to human error on our side
  2. the poll becomes long and cumbersome

My current idea to meet these challenges:

  • we store the feature requests into something easier like a spreadsheet or database (which is probably not going to happen in the short-term). The spreadsheet could be a google sheet and possibly inputted with a Google Form. That way, we can easily compare the October poll bullets with the requests for new features

  • we break up the poll into different polls and just run one section each month. For example,

    • RICOH mobile app.
    • cloud-based viewing site.
    • camera

For now, I think our current system is doable. However, we may want to address these issues before the October poll.

It’s a bit unfortunate that Discourse doesn’t have more advanced group collaboration features that would help us to build the poll collaboratively. We could put the Oct poll up as a Google Doc to collaborate and then copy that into Discourse.

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We’re reviewing the Poll results with the THETA product manager now. He wants more information on the categories of RAW Image Support usage.

For example:

  • offline processing of dual-fisheye to speed camera pictures
  • information to help with HDR (I don’t really understand the requirement)
  • information to help with luminosity (I don’t understand this)
  • some type of information used in the special effects industry (I don’t understand)

He’s also open to getting both the summary poll results and a report based on the feedback in this forum thread.

I’m going to read through this thread again about the specifics of the RAW feature requirements. If you have more information, please feel free to provide it. Thank you.

I agree. This feature would not be hard to implement.
On my recent holiday I wanted to take 2/3 images with slightly different settings and pick the best later.
The automatic downloading, then having to go back to the shutter screen was inconvenient and caused me to miss out on a few multi shots as the scenery changed etc.

I support the desire !!

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Nikon has just announced their long awaited Keymission 360 camera. I would like to see Ricoh match at the very least the resolution of the Nikon camera, 4K video, 7,744 x 3,872 (30 Megapixel) still images. The price difference between the Theta S and new Nikon is not that great…

Surely this is the option he is looking for


Regarding Feature to Stop Automatic Image Transfer

I just tested this and it looks like the Postview option that @looeee mentioned does turn off the automatic transfer.

Can people please confirm that this feature request is met and closed?

thanks for Carl (@looeee) for sharing this.

@ looeee
Great Thank You
Now you can shoot with 8 sec. intervals instead of 20-30 sec.
and you docent have to fill the Phone and Dropbox with low resolution Photo spheres
Sorry i have been sleeping well missing that :sleeping:

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It’s great that the feature is in there. I think the term “Postview” is not clear. Something like “Auto Image Transfer” might be clearer.

the option was a little more prominent in the app for the older thetas

@looeee i uploaded the Image google user content are for Google Chrome browser only
it opens endless new Windows or taps in other Browsers

here are the image from the google user content

Ok, we’re closing the Sept poll. It will take me a little bit of time to summarize and pull together the comments for the Oct poll. This should make the voting items for Oct more specific. Please expect the next poll up early next week.