Future THETA application


A cool application that follows a Sony action cam are PlayMemories Home
video and images imported can be edited in different ways
The Map View are interesting in the THETA S Suggested Topics

here it is some rally videos we import in kart view

Then You click Nästa = Next

Lastly the application creates a map view for GoogleEarth

That you can export as Mapview.kml

if you have GoogleEarth installed on your machine

you can download and play with it here

Mapview.kml (122.7 KB)

Conclusion i think it should work nicely in a THETA panorama Virtual Tour application

Google actuarily changed their Mapmaker Years back so that it can work with third party applications

EDIT : i can not download a well functioning Mapview.kml from here
But here are a link that should function in the Browser

and the offline file Mapview.zip

How to open an Zip attachment:
Decompress the annex and open “data.html” with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
You can view pictures on a map.

This file was created with Sony imaging software “PlayMemories Home”.

Feature Requests (Sept 2016 POLL)

We are looking into another slideshow application made
here In Sweden it is called JAlbum http://jalbum.net/
making a JAlbum template that can display THETA photospheres and VR panoramas
JAlbum has its own hosting service and it is very easy to use

JAlbum Examble


Will the template have the ability to show a navigable 360 image or will it be limited to tiny planets?

That’s a cool town and house you live in.


Yes i should be possible we posted an invitation on the JAlbum Forum

Spoke to the owner and founder of JAlbum David Ekholm yesterday

His answer:

Mightily impressive! Do post this in our forum as an inspiration to skin developers!

360 Panoramas are still on awakening with many
there have ben a gab between stitching and publishing
Many photographers do not yet know the possibilities with wide angel fisheye lenses,
but all this have changed with THETA S when the 360 camera are fixing the stitching.

That’s a cool town and house you live in.

All Right
Most of the people here think they live in the center of the world
but i let them live in ignorance :laughing: