GLPhotoActivity.Java consume more memory on android devices

We used the theta360 sdk for android app using theta-api2.1-android-sdk, but the sdk is not maintained from last 3 years, and we are facing the issue regarding memory consumption.
While we captured the 360 Image using camera V or SC2, and then we display a preview using
After capturing multiple 360 images, the sdk is not releasing the memory as they used during the photo capture. so after capturing 30-40 images the app’s performance was slow down.

So any one faces this issue and can you please provide the proper solution for this?

RICOH recently released a new kotlin multiplatform library and Android example.

@craig - when we import the demo-android, we faced the project build failure with the error.

> zip END header not found

and we also found that


was not defined in app level build.gradle

we also run the below command, but nothing happened.

./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

so how we resolve the build failure issue?

@craig - This library has internally managed by theta-api2.1-android-sdk, so same memory consumption issue we faced in this kotlin multiplatform library as well. Also we are facing LivePreview issue for Theta SC2 camera as well in this platform library.

What desktop OS are you building it on?

This video for Linux desktop, but it should work the same on iOS. For Windows, you may need to have bash on Powershell. If you’re using Windows for the build, I’ll look at it again.

Did you set the environmental variable THETA_HOME?

I only tested the Flutter demo with the SC2.

I believe the theta-client package will be updated in the future.

Thanks @craig , we successfully build the project and run on device. but sometime preview is not displaying in demo-android and also we are facing memory consumption issue with this demo as well you can see the memory consumption while we capture only 3-4 image.
Our client was worked with approx. 100-150 Images daily/user with the use of this RICOH theta camera using sdk. and they faces the laggy performance while the connect the camera to mobile device and trying to capture image continously. so we want to provide the better solution for this issues.

@Abhishek , let’s move the discussion to the GitHub issue below.

As there is a problem in demo-android live preview, the GitHub issue is the best way to communicate with the developers of theta-client.

We can use this forum to provide tips on using theta-client, but if there’s a bug, let’s use GitHub issues.

I’m going to close this topic on this forum.