HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With "UVC 4K" Driver For Windows 10



Hello Codetricity
I see you have helped folks get up and live streaming with the Theta V on Win 10.
Do you have software and how-to info RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming on MacOS?
I would love to start putting this incredible piece of hardware to the test.
Thanks for all you do moving this product and community forward.


Mac OS X works with the RICOH THETA V driver. You do not need the THETA UVC 4K driver for Mac OS X.

See this guide for OBS and YouTube 360 live event configuration. It’s for THETA S. If you have a THETA V, you don’t need the additional UVC 4K software.

I will update the guide for the THETA V.


Hi Codetricity,
I would love to also test the 4K Live Streaming with the Theta V.
Could you send me the link for the driver(s) for Win 10
Thank you so much in advance,


Just sent by DM. Let me know if there are any problems with download.

As of 10/2/2017. Audio not working from the THETA V with this driver. You can get around this by using a microphone plugged into your laptop (or your laptop microphone) and mix it with your encoder software.


Hi codetricity, that’s what i’m looking for …
I would like to test it too !!!

I receipt my theta V Friday and want to try a live Stream on YouTube … if you can send me the link it’ will help me for sure …

Many thanks for all your explanations !

Mike (France)


Sent you the link. You only need the driver if you’re using the encoder (like OBS) on Windows. You don’t need the software for Mac OS X.

Most of this document for YouTube Live 360 Event is the same for the V. The resolution is different. Use the resolution and FPS in the article at the top of this thread.

You will need 10Mpbs upstream to achieve 4K, though lower resolution is possible at lower bandwidths. YouTube will automatically cut-down the resolution, depending on bandwidth.


Hi i’m trying to get my ricoh theta V in 4k to work but i cant seem to find the driver i need.


@Gabriel_Fleury, I sent you the driver for Windows 10, v1703. If you have a Mac, you don’t need a driver. It will appear as RICOH THETA V. Let me know if you have any problems.


Thanks for sending the file over. It worked perfectly first time and I was able to provide a VR demo at a live event. In fact people were so impressed we even won the “best stand in show” award so thank you for making that possible.



Congratulations! Thank you for the report back on usage. That’s so awesome you won best stand in the show. Did you stream it to YouTube or locally on a monitor in your stand?


We streamed it live via youtube (private stream due to data protection concerns unfortunately). The camera was set up in one of our IT training classrooms and streamed live to the show 100 miles away. Bandwidth requirements were high from the camera side but thankfully we already had a good connection in place as we currently use telepresence to connect multiple classrooms together, so piggie backing on that pipe was possible.

The stream ran for 6 hours with barely any drop in resolution or buffering the whole time. The Ricoh Theta V is a great piece of kit for the price and I’m really excited about how I can use this to enhance virtual training in the future.


Great job using some cutting edge technology for your IT training. You’re probably one of the first people to do 4K remote training in 360.

With the beta driver too!


@Brian_Gilmour Why did you decide to use 360 for IT training classrooms? Why not use a regular camera setup?


Just guessing, but maybe group discussion or references to equipment around the room.


Hi @codetricity Can you please share the links with me? I need 4K UVC for Windows. Thanks!


Exactly this. Currently it is mostly for proof of concept, but eventually we are hoping to have networking equipment (routers, switches etc) that viewers can interact with using controllers such as that provided with the Google Daydream.
We are also looking into AR, allowing us to highlight cabling behind walls and such like.
We have been running remote classes for the past 6 years and this was just a look ahead at how we can use emerging technology to allow remote students to better interact.


@bunver just sent the link to the driver by DM.

  • streaming audio not working from the camera. make sure you use a separate microphone connected to your computer or the laptop microphone
  • upstream bandwidth for 4K live stream reported to be around 10Mbps
  • video streaming appears to be stable with ability to stream for many hours

If you have any time, would be great to get your test report, especially if you test it on Facebook versus YouTube or something like that.


Wonderful use and very innovative. It’s people like you that will help push the next phase of online education ahead. Honestly, we’re right at the cusp of what’s possible. Every little experiment helps makes the vision into reality.

Ideally, a group of like-minded people will start to solve different parts of the problem. For example, the construction industry currently uses still 360 images to show different states of construction. For example StructionSite’s CEO @_mattdaly was explaining a feature they call X-Ray where a person can see older images of the construction process. What this allows is the ability to see the stages of construction before the walls were put in.

It’s unrelated in some ways, but related in some ways.

I’m also building some tutorials to live stream a THETA V into Unity and add objects like house plants. I’m currently have problems with Unity and Windows 10 and the THETA V, but will solve it in time. This example with the THETA S.

There’s a lot of ideas out there now. It’s awesome when a guy like you just does it at a table at an industry show. Taking the leap with whatever is available. That’s how we all advance.


@Brian_Gilmour if there is anything our team can do to help let me know. We don’t have any experience in doing the live streaming yet, but the project your working on looks really amazing. Nice work!


Matt, do you know if there’s a lot of training for people in the construction industry. I’m wondering if people are doing Ethernet cabling for example, if there’s training on how to configure the cabling in the walls.

I imagine that other equipment would require training too. Although @Brian_Gilmour is specialized in IT training, maybe he could expand it out to other industries over time if he had a good way to deliver training. Using something like 360 might give him a way into a new industry, especially if there was a package that included headset rental for the students.