Live streaming output format

I’m trying live streaming using ricoh theta v and ffmpeg on a macOS High Sierra. I would like to decrease CPU usage of my workflow.

To do that, I wanted to change Theta V’s output format to have less modifications in ffmpeg command. In the specifications here … :

… I saw that it’s possible to make a 2k live streaming, with h264 codec, but even if I put all parameters to 2k, ffmpeg’s input still is a 4k video stream using rawvideo codec.

How can I change that ? If it’s not, is it possible on a windows OS using theta’s drivers ?

Thanks for help,



You can use the THETA V at 2K on Windows with RICOH THETA V FullHD instead of RICOH THETA V 4K.

However, the Windows drivers both add additional CPU load compared to the THETA V driver that works on Mac.

If your goal is to reduce CPU usage, the Windows driver may not be the best solution.

There are actually two video resolutions from the THETA V for Mac. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to switch between them.

What happens when you set the size to 1920 x 960 with the -s flag on ffmpeg?

Is it using the CPU to resize the video stream?