Most Popular App Badge

As our List of THETA Apps gets more robust, it’s a good time to put a system in place that can highlight the most popular apps. Each month we’ll have a new winner. The prize is only recognition, but we hope it’ll let everyone know which apps are most appreciated by the community.

The details:
At the start of each month we’ll look at the link clicks for each link on the list of apps and award the most popular one a badge and a special location on the page. We’ll be limiting this to one section each month (i.e. desktop computer programs for September, then online programs for October, and so on). At the end of each 3-month period, we’ll start tracking the link clicks from scratch to keep apps from riding their previous success.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll throw that information away. We’ll use this page as a way to keep track of the winners for each month throughout the year. So if you know about any apps you think should be on the list, let us know! We’ll be giving out the first badge in early September. Just look for this:

September: Desktop Computer Programs
Winner: Hugin is a cross-platform imaging toolchain for stitching panoramas and straightening images on a computer. See Carl Bennett tutorial in the documents area or check out some screenshots. Hugin also has some amazing tools for perspective correction and building surveying for architecture or design purposes.

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