No Longer Working: THETA V with Ethernet

the camera itself wasn’t actually directly accessible previously, but turns out I had flipped my data + & data - to the USB port (it’s soldered in a custom setup- though somehow this didn’t affect my ability to read the Theta as a storage device via usb). Anyway, I’ve since corrected that error and now the adapter seems to at least light up. Regarding your settings though- using OBS I can stream thru the usb provided I switch the camera to “LIVE” mode (& only then). You’re saying that streaming to the ethernet adapter should work regardless of which mode the camera is set to, right?

The adapter appears to be working now as I can see the device as active on my home router. I still cant access it though- either directly via the IP address(in a browser) or via OBS. I haven’t yet found a way to enter the IP address into OBS, should it just automatically detect? Here is a screen shot(s):

Are you using this plug-in?

The normal “LIVE” mode of the THETA will not stream through IP, only USB.

The guide below is old, but may still be useful.

You don’t need OBS. The camera can directly stream to YouTube or Facebook using RTMP.

I think USB to CAT5 is what we’re after here, right? The length limit is one of two big detractors from the USB only plan- if I can find a way to get to stream to Ethernet I will be in great shape. I feel like I’m really close now that it can be seen on the network, so I’m just going to keep trying things. It’s a strange application, I know, but I really need a wired output beyond USB (though I’m still grateful for USB). I have the YI 360vr cam also, but instead pursued this one because of that wired streaming output possibility. (which was originally a spec of the YI- also it has an HDMI out but that completely just doesn’t work- definitely a half-baked camera)

Hi, other people may have more information on this topic. I’ve only used the Ethernet with a few of the plug-ins in the THETA store. I’ve used it with Wireless Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook. I’ve also used it with File Cloud Upload. Though, I think that plug-in recently stopped working.

If you want to connect your THETA to a Mac/PC with a wire, the best way is with USB.

I also looked at a USB to CAT5 solution.

The Solutions Below are Untested

These are the ones that I’ve found for possible testing:

  1. FlexiHub
  2. USB Network Gate
  3. USB Everywhere
  4. VirtualHere

Just thought I’d share…

Using a y-otg cable

SinLoon 30cm USB 2.0 Data Charge Y Splitter Cable,Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power Cable for Nokia N810, TG01 Samsung i9100 9220 9300, XOOM USB Host(USB A F to mirc M+F)

THETA V > Y cable > usb to gigabit ethernet / micro USB for power


Thanks for sharing this. Can you power the THETA indefinitely using this solution? How long have you tested it for? Many other people are looking for this solution. This is a great add to the community.

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The device does receive charge and does connect to the network, I will have to test if i can communicate and get its current battery status.


That’s great news. We’ve been looking for an adapter that could do this. Wonder if other USB otg devices can work while being charged.

Oh, this could be very cool! Very curious to hear what you find out.

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Whoa duh, why didnt i think of this. This is a big deal if it works! Given the USB spec just has a power rail, I see no reason why it wouldnt.


I am surprised no one else has looked into this,
I myself am very in to otg connectors since they showed up.
I’m glad they decided on Type-C for the Z1, that means more then 1 device can be connected throught a adaptor like this with not much loss of transfer speed, also would allow for gigabit ethernet, and a connected local storage device, and any usb that would also work.

Also the y cable is charging And on the network.

OH yes the last magic trick up my sleve…
You could use a ethernet poe, so that it sends on one side and receives on the other the ethernet line and usb power… Making this a 1 cable solution. Or use a micro USB extension… Witch I’ll test once I find my connector.

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Thanks again for your work. We know that not all of the adapters work to supply power. Your link to the actual adapter is useful to the community. It’s great that you’re sharing your experience.

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Yow, gigabit ethernet and POE could be really useful!

Just a update, to verify the charge state


Cool that you’re using your Electron app as a type of dashboard. Nice. :theta::thetadev:

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It is, just now I have to make a multi address connection window, so that you can easily use a custom addresses to connect to the app when the app opens.

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Nice job with the mult-address connection window. Do you assign a static IP address to the THETA V from your Ethernet DHCP router?

How do you get the list of IP addresses that you have in the drop-down menu that shows in the picture?

It’s just a simple drop down with many addresses up to 255, I haven’t looked into if node js can fetch a IP address from a device Hostname yet, that would simplify this for the user

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In your streaming project, how does the user know what IP address is assigned to the THETA V? Do you assign the same IP address to the THETA V from your router all the time?